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When I talk about Beneficial Beauty here at WWB I am talking about products infused with natural ingredients or actually using the natural ingredient itself.  The term can also be used by companies producing anti-aging products using cosmeceutical ingredients which are created by chemist much like pharmaceutical products are. The purpose of this post about L’Oréal and also of the blog itself is not to demonize or worship companies on either side of the fence.  Rather I post this to encourage you to “Be a World Wise Beauty” and stay very informed about anything you are putting in your body or on your body.

I also want to put on record that I believe both the traditional  and natural beauty care markets have companies who make claims  stretching the truth at times. This is where you have to use your “BS” radar and trust your own wisdom to make informed buying decisions. When you read about certain chemicals causing cancer,  I think it’s worth taking time to pay attention to INGREDIENTS  you find in everything! To learn more go to

L’Oréal Receives A Warning Letter From the FDA

for Drug Claims

Posted: GCI September 25, 2012

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning letter to L’Oréal for gene, stem cell and skin regeneration claims associated with Lancôme products. According to the FDA, the claims used for the 10 identified products can be interpreted as altering the structure and function of the skin and, therefore, classify the products as drugs.

Génifique’s Youth Activating Concentrate, Eye Youth Activating Eye Concentrate, Cream Serum Youth Activating Cream Serum and Repair Youth Activating Night Cream are associated with claims to boost the activity of genes. Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating, Reconstructing Cream SPF 15 Sunscreen, Eye Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating and Reconstructing Eye Cream and Night Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating and Reconstructing Night Cream are associated with claims to improve the condition around stem cells and stimulate cell regeneration to reconstruct denser skin. Finally, Microlift Eye R.A.R.E. Intense Repositioning Eye Lifter claims to immediately lift skin and rebundle collagen.

The FDA advised the company to review claims associated with these products to ensure that they comply with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. L’Oréal has 15 days to respond to the letter with its plan of action, without which injunctions and seizures can take place.

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You Glow Girl! 4 Fun Ways…

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One of my favorite wellness experts is Dr. Maoshing Ni, known to many as Dr. Mao.  One Christmas  I gave my Mom, extended family and a couple of friends a copy of his book ” Secrets of Longevity”.  On the back cover of the book it says “No Diets, No Drugs, No Fuss!”  and I just knew I had to share this book with loved ones.  It’s one of those books you can pick up anytime and peruse. I keep it in the bathroom!  As someone very distinguished once said…”a room without books is a room without soul”.

What I love about Dr. Mao’s approach is his blending of ancient wellness practices from the east with modern medicine advances from the west.  You know he had me at hello when I discovered a “words of wisdom” tab on his site  Below is a quick tip on how to boost energy from Dr. Mao and one I really do believe boosts your energy when you practice it. Visit his full list of tips here 4 Fun Ways to Boost Energy | Yahoo! Health.

Trulyherself, Lauroly


Follow Your Bliss Energy-Boosting Habit: Take a 15-minute daily bliss break.Part of what has always made summer so fun, especially when we were children, is waking up with the feeling that the whole day is wide open to be enjoyed in any way at your leisure. The foremost cause of low energy is the stress of living in our fast-paced modern world. Coping with stress on a daily basis requires a lot of energy, which leave the average person completely drained. Guard your energy level from stress with a daily bliss break! Research tells us that joy boosts immune functions, and also increases the release of endorphins, the compounds that give you a sense of well-being in your brain and energize your spirit. While taking a whole day off from duties is not usually possible, give yourself just fifteen minutes or a half hour during the day to do something fun. Surprise yourself! Take a picnic lunch at break, walk somewhere new to you, sing your favorite song, watch a funny video, play with a furry friend, doodle a picture, or read a poem—whatever grabs you in the moment!

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Are You a Seductive Fox, or a Powerful Peacock? Find your Global Beauty Type…

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Well I’m a seductive fox of course! Just kidding—I’m actually another animal all together. We’ll get to that later!

I thought it was enough to know my astrology sign, and then I took a Myers Briggs test in college, and discovered I have a scientific personality indicator type defining me. Scientific what  you ask?  It’s true! There is a test which determines your essential being based on four temperaments styles originally developed by the psychologist Carl Jung.  I’ll spare you of my profile details and share my one tickle with you. The first thing it says about my “type” is the following: This type is a global learner and sees the big picture, their focus is expansive. I get a kick out of this because here I am producing World Wise Beauty. The world is pretty expansive wouldn’t you say! 😉


This brings me to a  Global Beauty Report I want to share with you…

We all apparently have a beauty type too. Psycho-graphics ( the study of personality, values, attitude and lifestyles) is really important to marketers and they spend 24/7 and loads of buckaroos trying to figure you out! How is that for undivided attention! But when we live in a social media driven world it is hard to know what is actually shaping you? Are you a Powerful Peacock (see below) or has your particular culture influenced your beauty style? We Americans take great pride in individualism yet we are also part of a big diverse culture.  Do you think advertising has a big impact on how we define ourselves? I would love to hear from you.

It very well could be market researchers know more about you then you know about you! The McCann agency recently put out a marketing study for the beauty category so companies like L’Oreal can find their way into your mind, heart and errr I’ll say it –your pockets.  This report called “Truth About Beauty” is a global study. While the report did identify differing attitudes about beauty around the world, they concluded all women are essentially focused on the “whole beauty” mindset comprised of four components. 1. Foundational Beauty 2. Enhancement Beauty 3. Wellness Beauty 4. Emotional Beauty

You can peruse the entire study via
but I thought I would share the Five Global Beauty Archetypes with you right here.  

As much as I would like to see myself as a Powerful Peacock or a Seductive Fox,  I would have to say I’m more of a Graceful Swan aspiring to be a Comfortable Cat!  How about you? Which beauty archetype fits you? Perhaps you are more than one type? For example, perhaps your natural tendency is to be a social butterfly but you base your buying decisions more on social values. This is the challenge and limitation of profiling– we humans are complex and so many things influence and shape who we are.  Maybe we are evolving all the time. If it so happens that you are a seductive fox with a soul of a social butterfly– power to you!
 Let your freak flag fly! 🙂

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