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The NYT  Health section posted an article yesterday entitled “Breaking Through Cancer’s Shield” which I will share right here http://nyti.ms/19JkrGK.  It’s about a new area of cancer treatment called “Immunotherapy”.  (click this link and  scroll all the way down and notice sadly a small paragraph dedicated to natural immune therapy). What I found extremely interesting and alarming about this article is this statement: “Researchers think they are seeing the start of a new era in cancer medicine”.  Here are a few more direct quotes from the specialist and researchers in this article below.




“Amazing,” said Dr. Drew Pardoll, the immunotherapy research director at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. This period will be viewed as an inflection point, he said, a moment in medical history when everything changed. “A game-changer,” said Dr. Renier J. Brentjens, a leukemia specialist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

For patients battling cancer this exciting news is filled with hope and promise. For many of us it represents a better option than the powerful killer therapies like chemo and radiation.  For the medical community it represents a “game changer” and dare I say more profits.  A win for “big pharma” because immunotherapy is yet another group of “drugs”  simply encouraging the immune system to do what it is meant to do–and that is to fight off an attack.


When reading the NYT article, what came to my mind was a Pulitzer Prize winning book I read called “The Emperor of All Maladies” by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee (a World Wise Beauty  recommended read).  The book can be described as an authoritative history of cancer but I liked how the Publisher candidly presents the book “It is really a story of human ingenuity, resilience and perseverance but ALSO of hubris, paternalism and mis-perception”. 

Dr. Mukherjee himself observed ” to keep pace with this malady; you need to keep inventing and reinventing, learning and UNLEARNING strategies.”  His book ends with humble and what sometimes sounds like defeatist thoughts such as “Cancer is the new normal and the question will not be if we encounter the immortal illness in our lives but when.”.  I could write a whole other post about this conclusion and it makes me furious not at this particular doctor but at our society at large because we keep throwing money at cancer treatment research but very little funds at understanding why cancer cases are increasing.  To quote the doctor from the book again  “We are inherently destined to slouch towards a malignant end.  Indeed as the fraction of those affected by cancer creeps in inexorably in SOME NATIONS  (America for sure) from one in four, to one in three, to one in two cancer will become the new normal.

Given everything this doctor has encountered with cancer (especially here in the U.S) this might be his personal perspective.  But it’s his narrow view simply because he is only looking at the treatment of cancer and not what might be done to research the prevention of cancer and learn more about why cancer is proliferating.  What about investigating the ramifications of the chemical onslaught ( in our bodies, on our bodies, in the air we breathe) we are enduring and tolerating in the name of industry?

There are so many areas we can be researching and practices we could be UNLEARNING but this post is not my rant. This post is meant to highlight how trends pick up momentum and how “industry” keeps spinning the cogs in the wheel.  After you read the WWB recommended book “Emperor of All Maladies” you can’t help but think ” we are fumbling in the dark  when it comes to “treatment” and that the wisdom and expertise “of the day” is often one powerful school of thought controlling the options you have in the time and prevailing culture you are living in.  Just only two decades ago women allowed doctors to do complete mastectomies and remove their breasts at very early stages of cancer.  If you think this is barbaric go travel back to the turn of the century with Dr. Mukherjee and see what the prevailing treatment was back then! Gory details can be found in the book…

More recently in the last decade breast cancer prevention has been about treating abnormal findings on a scan, calling it Stage Zero or DCIS as if it is real cancer and treating it with lumpectomies and chemo/radiation treatments. To me this approach is even more barbaric because we are treating “the potential” of cancer occurring. As we head into 2014, scientist and our medical community are now questioning this early over-reactive treatment approach.  But how many women went through unnecessary treatments in this last decade because powerful industries pushed through their agenda in the name of preventing breast cancer? Pink power indeed…

World Wise Beauty is dedicated to exploring ideals for wellness culture and the point of the Trendscapes department is to pay attention, learn more and then WATCH.  Trends are not always good and not necessarily bad but thinking with a strong objective mind and figuring out what is best for you is challenging especially when the prevailing culture says “this is your only choice” and “everyone is doing it.”


No doubt there are wonderful doctors and researchers out there who earnestly believe they are fighting cancer and coming up with solutions. This is what we humans do and often we do good! But today you have a powerful layer of business industry creating the agenda and influencing where research dollars go because that’s what “industry” does. They control markets and profit. Thankfully there are new organizations like Beyond the Pink and LessCancer.org who are working hard to keep “prevention”  on the forefront of the cancer conversation and have gained the attention of lawmakers, scientist and educators.  Another thought provoking book to add to your reading list is “A World Without Cancer”  The Making of a New Cure and the Real Promise of Prevention” by Margaret I. Cuomo, MD. It took courage to write a book like this and for Dr. Cuomo to step back from her own peers and challenge the status quo.  Stay informed…



Is Immunotherapy an exciting development in the battle against cancer? For some maybe–but it’s also scary when they are calling it a “game changer”.  I see yet another “camp of pharma companies ” now deciding what is going to make us better and it will use all it’s power and might to CONTROL OUR OPTIONS.  As you will learn from reading the book about the history of cancer–doctors, surgeons, researchers, and scientist are HUMAN and with that comes many “false notions”.  Dr. Cuomo author of the second book featured, is a living example of this and her candid story and personal learning experience as a diagnostic radiologist is important for us to hear…

It seems once we humans all sign on to an “idea” ( with limited data behind it) and consider it  “the game changer” we can’t seem to help ourselves from myopically focusing on the success of the idea.  So we keep at it like a “horse with blinders on” and when treating patients this means we can recklessly kill a lot of people in the name of success. Wish I could be happier about the latest research but I personally think we are throwing millions of dollars to pharma researchers to “maybe” extend a few lives but in the meantime we are becoming a sicker society and we’re dropping off like flies.  

As always be your own guru and consider the best OPTIONS for you.  Just make sure you always have options.








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WWB Ideal Find: Pangea Organics “BEAUTY UNPOLLUTED”

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WWB Ideal Find: Pangea Organics ( Beauty & Personal Care Products)

Founder & CEO: Joshua Onysko

Authentic Dedication: Pangea Organics is dedicated to creating a more, new sustainable future one bottle, jar and bar at a time. “What’s good for you is good for everybody.” Conscious business practice includes everything from fair trade sourcing and organic farming to living wages and the use of renewable, recycled and recyclable resources.


Lauroly Q- Welcome Joshua! I am thrilled and honored you have joined me for this Q&A. When we think of an “ideal find” at World Wise Beauty, your company is the perfect example. The very simple ideology of your business mission “good for you, good for everybody” is a wonderful value to have when creating a company. Some would even say perhaps “too idealistic”.  Let’s start with learning more how you got started thirteen years ago creating Pangea Organics and how you have injected this basic value into every area of your business. I personally believe you can never be too idealistic! 

Joshua Onysko: I am that guy who dropped out of school at the age of 16, worked and traveled my way around the world for 7 years and had a vision to be a part of the solution…I was in Cambodia in 2000 when I decided to use my alchemical skills to create food for people’s skin, to change how the world thinks about packaging design, formulation, health, well-being, the future, the present, ingredients, ourselves and each other. When we know that the end consumer is always the earth and we were gifted the most perfect of all earths, we will choose to make better decisions, every minute of every day to protect what we have and to stop worrying about what we have not.

Lauroly Q: At World Wise Beauty we are dedicated to “being comfortable in our own skin” inside and out. I love that Pangea starts out with this core belief “we are already beautiful”. You don’t promise to make us more beautiful but just to cleanse, tone and moisturize our skin with natural plant-based ingredients. This is such a relaxed approach to marketing beauty and personal care products. Share with us why plant-based ingredients are so important for women to look for when purchasing beauty and personal care products. 


Joshua Onysko: Not just women, all of us. The average person in America puts 500 chemicals a day on our bodies–yes 500!  The beauty industry is an unregulated toxic catastrophe based on fear and steeped in mistruths. It doesn’t need to be this way, the world has so many powerful plants that can give our bodies all that we need, we just have to know which ones they are, how to extract them and how to combine them. Fortunately that is what I have dedicated 14 years of my life to studying and we have perfected the art of this craft and have created a brand that will outperform anything you have ever used. It smells nice and looks pretty and its like your new friend, smart, pretty and smells nice. What more could you ask for?




LaurolyQ- Coming back to the “everybody” feeling good. Pangea is a true LOHAS marketer and appeals to so many conscious lifestyle consumers on a number of levels. LOHAS consumers are diverse in their values and care about many different issues when it comes to their buying practices. For example I care about animals and will not buy beauty products tested on animals. But now I also consider whether a product might also do me harm! What makes Pangea an exceptional “Ideal Find” to me is you are always thinking about how the manufacturing of your products impact the earth, future generations and our bodies. How do you maintain these business virtues as your company continues to grow worldwide? 

Joshua Onysko: Because my values were not created by a marketing team, they are in fact actually who I am and what I care about, so that makes it easy. Truth + Love + Transparency

Lauroly Q-  Great answer Joshua.  At WWB we call you a “passioneer”! Two years ago you developed a new selling platform for Pangea.  I just discovered this from a friend who has a company called “Better World Beauty” and it turns out she sells Pangea products exclusively. How can people discover your products both in the retail world and on-line?


Joshua Onysko: We are in the process of changing our model to a social selling model where you can become a Beauty Ecologist for Pangea and have your very own at home business selling Pangea, we launched in April and we already have 900 Beauty Ecologists in 48 states and it is the largest division on Pangea. It is proof that we all have the ability to change the world and to create change, we just have to make that choice. Visit us at pangeaorganics.com for more info on purchasing on our products.

Lauroly Closing: Thanks so much for stopping by Joshua. I feel “good” knowing you are out there creating new products and experiences that help “everybody” to positively impact the future.  Power to the idealist of the world and power to Pangea!

Joshua Onysko My pleasure!

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Wise Guru & International Best Selling Author Tom Rath Has a Simple Call to Action For You…Eat Move Sleep

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WWB Featured Book:  Eat Move Sleep–How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes

WWB Wise Guru & Author: Tom Rath

Author Profile: Tom Rath is considered one of the most influential authors of the last decade, whose books and studies have focused on the role of human behavior in health, business, and economics.

Tom has written several international bestsellers, including the #1 New York Times bestseller How Full Is Your Bucket? In 2012, his book StrengthsFinder 2.0 was the top-selling nonfiction book worldwide. Rath’s most recent New York Times bestsellers are Strengths Based Leadership and Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements.

He also serves as a senior scientist and advisor to Gallup, where he previously spent 13 years leading the organization’s work on employee engagement, strengths, and well-being. Rath also served as vice chairman of the VHL cancer research organization. He earned degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania, where he is now a guest lecturer. He and his wife, Ashley, and their two children live in Arlington, Virginia.

Welcome Tom to World Wise Beauty-  I am truly honored to have you join me here. I am honored because you are a well-respected author and scientist but I am truly honored because you are wise human being with a great spirit and voice. I don’t know if our readers will glean all this from just a short Q&A but I promise them if they read your books they will come to my same opinion. You begin your book with a very personal story about your own health issues and facing life threatening cancer at the age of sixteen. This traumatic event at such a young age must have impacted your life in a major way. Can you share a little about how your battle with a rare genetic cancer has shaped your attitude, lifestyle and habits?


Author Tom Rath


Tom Rath: Yes, I was born with a rare condition that causes rampant cancerous growth throughout the body. As a result of this genetic mutation, I have been battling cancer for over two decades now. This has led me to do a great deal of research on the topic of health in general. Over the last decade, most of my work is focused on helping others to think about what they can do to prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other largely preventable conditions. One of the most important things I’ve learned from this research is that the best way to keep yourself from dwelling on what is beyond your control is to learn a little bit each day about what you can do to stay ahead of your health. This daily learning and knowledge not only helps my physical health, but gives me more mental energy as well.

Lauroly Q- In some ways your early hardship was a blessing in disguise. You are probably healthier than most people without cancer. My Mom is in the advanced stages of cancer right now and has lived several years beyond what doctors told her she would because she was very health conscious most of her adult life. I share this because your book is a call to action for everyone to take good care of themselves because little changes and regular good habits can insure a lifetime of good-health and ward off many diseases like diabetes and heart disease. And in your case and my Mom’s—even slow down the acceleration of cancer. The title of your book Eat, Move, Sleep is simple. How did you decide on this title and why did you choose to make healthy living sound so simple.

Tom Rath: Yes I did hope for this book to be a call to action. That is also related to how we chose the title Eat Move Sleep, as these are the three most essential elements that we all need to keep top of mind everyday. Perhaps most importantly, it is thinking of all three of these things in combination that matters most. If you do one of the three well, it makes the other two easier. At first, I might’ve thought that embarking on an exercise program and a new diet was doing too much at one time. But it turns out that it is better to work on multiple elements at once.

Lauroly Q- You have a chapter on “sugar” and you refer to it as the next nicotine of our time. You say this because it’s addictive but many people don’t really understand the real magnitude of sugar’s effects on the body. Rather than beating people over the head with scary lectures about sugar you highlight the very rapid and positive affects one experiences just by reducing your sugar intake a little. Tell us more…

Tom Rath: Personally, if there was only one thing I could reduce or eliminate from my diet I would start with sugar. After reading hundreds of articles and studies about the relationship between sugar consumption and disease, it is clear to me the increase in sugar intake is one of the major causes of the epidemic of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. One of the reasons we are so addicted to sugar is because having a little makes us crave more. This is a challenge but also an opportunity. I personally found that something as simple as eliminating added sugar from my coffee help me to have fewer cravings for sweet food and drinks later in the day. Making some of these little adjustments seems to work pretty well over time.

Lauroly Q- We can’t end this Q&A without talking about the very important subject of sleep. Living in a world hyped up on technology and keeping us constantly tuned in, we are losing our natural circadian rhythms, which many scientists believe we must maintain for good health and well-being. I loved your chapter called “Feast at Sunrise, Fast at Sunset”. Why is sleep so important to our health and what are the simple things we can we do to get more of it?

Tom Rath: I grew up with the mentality that sleep was the first thing you cut out of your routine if you needed to get more done. For most of my life, I treated sleep as an expense. However the more I studied this topic I realize that sleep is an investment that gives you more energy, allows you to be more productive, and so on. In terms of getting better sleep, in my own experience little adjustments like keeping the temperature a few degrees cooler in my bedroom, minimizing electrical light and device usage in the evening, and even something as simple as using a white noise app make a difference. Once you start to add up what I call the cumulative advantage from all these little changes, the result is better days.

Lauroly Closing- Thank you Tom for stopping by to share your wisdom and expertise on health and wellness based on your real life experience and scientific research.  Yes, you do have a great deal of research and studies behind you, but you are also sort of like a wise grandfather one always wants to take time to listen to. Perhaps this is because you had an amazing relationship with your own grandfather who was a huge positive influence on your life.  And maybe facing adversity and the concept of death early in life helped you to appreciate and value your life and health in a profound way. It all adds up. But one thing is for sure, we are lucky you have a wonderful gift for clear writing, communicating and sharing wisdom. Keep sharing…we are listening!

To learn more about Tom Rath and his other best-selling books, please visit www.tomrath.org.

Truly herself,

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