WWB’s ‘Beauty Food’ of the Week Has Come A Long Way Baby…Just For You

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WWB Beauty Food: KIWI
IDEAL FIND: Antipodes


WWB’s Beauty Food of the Week holds dual citizenship in two countries. The “KIWI” fruit is actually from China and they called it Yang Tao which means ‘strawberry peach’! It is recognized as the national fruit of China. The Chinese prepared the tonic from kiwi fruit for its nutritional value, but it was the New Zealanders who recognized the potential of this juicy and delicious fruit. They began cultivating it for commercial purpose. Kiwi was formerly known as Chinese gooseberry but the New Zealanders changed its name to kiwi fruit after their national bird.

Kiwi is the leading source of vitamin C in the fruit world. Kiwi is not only a delicious and nutrient-rich fruit, but also a great natural ingredient for your skin care. It contains several skin friendly nutrients like vitamin C, and E. These antioxidants are essential for boosting and rejuvenating your skin’s health. Kiwi is a perfect beauty food and truly works as a beautifier from the inside out. For example, Kiwi is loaded with dietary fiber and antioxidants, making it an excellent laxative. Regular consumption of the kiwi fruit juice aids the body in eliminating toxins and wastes, leaving your skin healthy and glowing. Here are just a few beauty benefits of this amazing super-fruit. Keep in mind the fruit’s super-power is its high levels of Vitamin C and E.

  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Keeps Skin Firm
  • Fights Free Radicals & Aging
  • Fights Acne
  • Prevents Sun Damage


After learning about the wonderful benefits of Kiwi, I hope you incorporate them into your diet. In addition, you can also create a a wonderful beauty mask with Kiwi. Yogurt and Kiwi, have one thing in common, they both are good for consumption and topical application. Kiwi can also be mixed with so many other beauty foods like Lemons, Almonds, Avocado and Bananas.

WWB FYI: Keep in mind we are all different, and some people may be allergic to Kiwi. Please rub a small patch on your skin and see if there is any irritation or inflammation. If there is, be wise and  please do not attempt the Kiwi skin mask.


Finely chop the fruit (or use the ready-made pulp)

Mix it well with a tablespoon of yoghurt.

Apply the paste evenly on your face

Leave it on for 15-20 minutes

Wash off with warm water for glowing skin

New Zealand, ‘Maori’ Proverb

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For Your Perusal…World Wise Beauty’s Weekly Wisdom Wrap

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There are so many ways to ‘wrap up the week’ but I thought ‘why not a Wisdom Weekly Wrap’!  In this information driven world there is so much happening, and so much we miss! Maybe sometimes it’s just as well because we just can’t read everything! So why read WWB? Well, because I try really hard not to weigh down your e-mail box with daily posts, and technically I am really not your typical blogger at all. As founder of World Wise Beauty, I am a conduit to ‘ideals for wellness culture’. World Wise Beauty presents the best culturally relevant experts, inspirational authors, and visionaries to help you become “Comfortable in Your Own Skin” and cultivate your personal wellness lifestyle wisely. This is my personal passion, and through a lifetime of seeking wellness wisdom, I believe I have pretty good radar for finding what’s new, what’s next and most importantly what matters in wellness culture.

The quote above, ‘If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place’ perfectly captures the wisdom I have gleaned from my Q&A’s this past week. It was my honor to present two beautiful wise women who really embrace ‘beauty from the inside out’ and have written excellent books to share their expertise and wisdom with you. I call many of my guest authors and experts ‘wise gurus’, but my aim is for you to see them as ‘guides’, because there is no one way to wellness, only your way. I hope you find wisdom that resonates personally and inspires you to enrich your wellness lifestyle. May you always be ‘comfortable in your own skin’ and enjoy the wrap…

Truly Herself,

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I don’t know whether you have heard, but the latest trendy diet is not the Mediterranean Diet. Au contraire, it is now the Nordic Diet. Between you and me, the Nordic Diet is gaining traction for the very same reasons the former diet has gained notoriety. It places big emphasis on plants and approaches diet with a philosophy of moderation. I will  let you read more via the link I have provided above but I want you to meet a real international wellness expert from Denmark (originally from Iceland) who really is an inspiration especially for woman 40+ and over. Meet ‘Thorbjorg’ and learn why you don’t have to look forward to getting old, sick and tired as you age. She is all about optimum health from the inside out and shares an integrated wellness program called ’10 Years Younger, in 10 Weeks’ (also the title of her book). See my Q&A with her and I promise you will feel optimistic about getting older and living with energy and vitality!

”Just because you’re technically getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel that way. Women are beautiful, inside and out, regardless of their age.” ~Thorbjorg






How many of us have tried a skin care potion promising ever-lasting beauty or miracle cures for chronic skin conditions? It is so alluring to hope that a formula in a bottle will make our wishes come true. After all, it says it will right on the bottle! Well, maybe it will and maybe it won’t. But if you don’t take care of the biggest organ of your body ( skin) from the inside out you are going to age faster and develop ‘reactive’ skin conditions. Each of us is different and posesss our own qunique bio-individuality, and we all have different ‘triggers’ for our skin problems. Like everything else in your body, your skin needs balanced nutrition, good sound sleep and stress management.

My next featured author and expert ‘Jolene Hart’ was a Beauty Editor by profession and experienced her own annoying skin condition as she reviewed and tried hundreds of miracle ( commercial & pharmaceutical) potions. None of them seemed to do the trick until she addressed and revamped her overall lifestyle and began to ‘nourish’ her body from the inside…out. As she embarked on her wellness journey she discovered her true passion and became a Certified Health Coach, specializing in Beauty Nutrition. Now she is taking her experience and expertise on the road with her comprehensive and beautiful book ‘Eat Pretty, Nutrition for Beauty Inside & Out. I love her opening of the book which she entitled ‘Find Your Healthy Vanity’. This is one of my favorite ‘beauty’ books I have ever come across, and so very wise.



I was invited to the  opening ceremony of the Women in the World Summit produced by Tina Brown and the New York Times. It was so exciting to be at Lincoln Center in NYC in a huge theater teaming with women committed to saving and changing the world. The women who participated in the panels were truly World Wise Beauties and came from all over the world. In the words of Tina Brown “They are activists, artist, entrepreneurs, fighters, journalists, peacemakers and rabble-rousers.” And they were so inspiring! I was fortunate to see and hear Meryl Streep talk about the power of story and how we need more women exploring hot-button issues through a female lens. She was so articulate, authentic and comfortable in her own skin. I think the reason we all love her as an actress is her natural wisdom and inner depth that she taps into and brings to all her characters. I attended this event and loved the energy in the room, but you too can ‘live stream’ the event and enjoy the entire program.

Follow this link http://nytlive.nytimes.com/womenintheworld/ and enjoy the tracks spread over the last three days. Angelina Jolie Pitt closed the event today with a powerful call to action that you won’t want to miss.  She asked the audience”Who among us thought we’d see in the 21st century images of women sold in cages, young girls sold in sex slavery?” I’ll say no more…

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WWB Passioneer Series: Beauty Editor and Author of ‘Eat Pretty’ Finds Her Passion and Calling from the Inside…Out

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The World Wise Beauty ‘Passioneer’ Series

I am super excited to present my next ‘Passioneer’ because her story and her work speaks so much to the mission of World Wise Beauty. In Jolene Hart’s case she literally wanted so badly to be her ‘comfortable in her own skin’. You’ll find out just how she finally did that, but also how she found her passion and calling along the way. Jolene worked her way up to a Beauty Editor position for a top women’s publication and had a fun job exploring beauty products and reporting the latest and greatest to us. What was very ironic and frustrating for her, is secretly she was struggling with chronic skin problems which she could not get under control.

As she became a seeker of all things medicinal and topical for her skin, Jolene discovered her ‘Passion’ for health and wellness and her own personal cure for her skin problems in what she calls the ‘Eat Pretty Pantry’. She shares her story in more detail in her lovely book ‘Eat Pretty’  Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out, which is truly a comprehensive guide to ‘beauty nutrition’. Now a Certified Health Coach, and contributing journalist to all the top beauty magazines, Jolene shares her knowledge and expertise in nutrition and guides us on how to achieve beauty and radiance from the inside out. Let’s learn more about Jolene and her passion for beauty, health and wellness…

~TrulyHerself, Lauroly


Lauroly- Welcome Jolene to World Wise Beauty. I am honored to present your work and wonderful book ‘Eat Pretty, Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out’ because as mentioned in my intro everything you write about speaks to World Wise Beauty’s mission. My mission is to help women become comfortable in their own skin by celebrating and exploring ideals for wellness culture, and your beautiful mission is to give women of all ages real tools to create a unique healthy lifestyle of beauty. As mentioned in your professional intro, you have been a beauty editor for many years but finally took your own personal wellness journey and became a certified health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It’s wonderful that you were able to marry your passion for beauty with health and wellness. You are a true Passioneer! Cultivating beauty from the inside out is so important and most definitely makes you feel ‘Comfortable in Your Own Skin’! Why don’t we first talk about your certification as a Health Coach. What can a Health Coach specifically help someone with?


Jolene Hart: As a health coach, I help my clients create a personalized lifestyle that supports their healthiest, most beautiful self. I find that we all have different needs, different schedules, different activity and stress levels, as well as different beauty concerns and issues that we’re prone to, and I help my clients learn to address those from the inside out. My emphasis is on diet first and foremost, and that usually involves teaching my clients how to eat for energy and beauty, creating personalized recipes, walking them through tasks like meal planning, and sometimes doing trials to identify and eliminate foods that may be causing issues. I don’t do medical testing or prescribe medication, but I do see food as medicine! I also work on self-care aspects of wellness, from safe personal care to mindfulness practices. In general, health coaches are fantastic for helping you make real-life, practical lifestyle changes that support your doctor’s regular, preventative care.










Lauroly Q- It was always very interesting to me, when I worked in the beauty ‘business’ that one of the hot emerging areas was ‘nutraceuticals’. The beauty industry had caught on to ‘beauty from the inside out’ and now they were going to create ‘supplements’ and drinks specifically for beauty. Magic potions and lotions always sound exciting but I couldn’t help but think ‘why not just eat a diet full of beautifying nutrients in whole foods.’ Nutrients need to be ‘synthesized’ in the body and this is what most of us forget. Cremes can enhance and supplements can boost but ultimately your real beauty is going to come from the inside out! Along comes your perfect book Jolene, to educate us and tie nutrition and beauty together in one beautiful organized book presentation. And it’s packed with delicious recipes too! What makes you even more interesting is while you were working as a ‘Beauty Editor’ you struggled with your own skin condition. You had to be thinking ‘ there’s got to be a miracle creme for me out there!”. Tell us how you began to see the bigger picture of inner beauty….


Jolene Hart: When I look back, it’s almost embarrassing how long it took me to realize that there was no miracle cream that was going to fix my skin issues! Even though I was brought up appreciating that food was a form of medicine, there was zero awareness of the nutritional connection to beauty at the time. Over the course of about 10 years, I sought advice from many skin experts and I was told again and again that there was no diet-acne connection. It took me a very long time to be brave or desperate enough to question that status quo by experimenting on myself, and changing my diet, career and lifestyle in the process. Of course it all seems much more obvious now, but at the time it was groundbreaking in the industry, as you saw for yourself!


Lauroly Q- It’s hard to resist the promise of miracle cures and the allure of beauty potions. What is wonderful and wise is you tuned out and found your passion through the process! Can I just say again, how I love how you presented information and organized your book. Chapter 4 is called a ‘Beautiful Kitchen for All Seasons’ and I love your ‘Eat Pretty’ pantry concept. To be upfront I do a ‘Beauty Food’ post every week and I often share their connections to world cultures and ancient rituals. I think it was brilliant to focus on the seasons because our bodies are synced with nature much more than we realize. Did you take some cues from Chinese Medicine & Philosophy when you thought to do this? What schools of thought in nutrition were you most influenced by? I would imagine as an integrative health coach you embrace many disciplines, but do you have a personal leaning towards one? You have a wonderful dedication to your Mom in the opening of your book who taught you that ‘food was medicine’. Sounds like she was very wise…

Jolene Hart: Isn’t the seasonal connection to beauty so profound? You are absolutely right— I love how the teachings of Chinese Medicine inform our understanding of our body’s seasonal needs, and Eastern teachings in general, from Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda, were powerful influences on me as I created my Eat Pretty approach. The best part is that it’s all very commonsense, and it feels like we are reconnecting to nature and our bodies when we eat this way. And I also love that you picked up on my book dedication; my mom is the number one reason that I had enough foundational knowledge and confidence in the healing power of food to try my own path to healing my skin. She is a former nurse with a lifelong fascination for food and nutrition knowledge, as well as a fantastic cook. She let my siblings and I into the kitchen to cook with her from the time we were babies, and her nuanced appreciation of the way foods affect our bodies powerfully influenced me.


Lauroly Q- Your book is just enchanting. I say enchanting because everything is so pretty and inviting to read! With a title like ‘Eat Pretty’ I guess it ought to be! We must give a shout out to your cover designer Hillary Caudle and illustrator Vikki Chu. Bravo! Because it so well designed you managed to pack in (without being cumbersome) ‘four seasons of eating pretty’ and a special chapter called ‘Beauty Beyond Your Plate’. Chapter 9 is a very important chapter because it connects all the dots when we think of beauty from the inside out. Besides nutrition, what wellness area do you think is overlooked or underestimated when it comes to staying healthy, beautified and rejuvenated?



Jolene Hart: I agree that both Hillary and Vikki are incredibly talented and did an amazing job capturing the spirit of the book in its design! As for the most underappreciated aspect of beauty, both digestive health and hormonal balance tie for spot number one in my mind. I’m constantly trying to deepen my knowledge of both areas, because I see such a powerful connection between beauty and those aspects of health in my own life and in the lives of my clients. They’ve both retained an air of mystery in the past, but I find that learning as much as we can about digestion and our hormones helps us to appreciate how much we actually influence them with simple day-to-day actions like chewing, breathing, mindfulness, etc. Just very small changes to the way we think, eat and act can have an amazing impact on our beauty.




Lauroly Closing:Thank you so much for writing your lovely book Jolene. It is definitely a book every Mom should give their daughters and every daughter should give their Mom! I know my readers will run out or click-through here to purchase your book. I was fortunate to discover it in a local shop where I live and it of course caught my eye because it was so pretty! What I didn’t expect was how comprehensive and wise it would be. I can’t say enough! I hope more people are inspired to consider ‘health coaching’ because life get so busy and our health can take a back seat when we are overwhelmed. Learn more about Jolene’s health coaching services by visiting her website and don’t forget to follow her on all the social channels!




Jolene Hart: Thank you so very much for this thoughtful interview, for your kind words and support of Eat Pretty, and for your own pioneering work in connecting beauty and wellness for women everywhere! I’m so thrilled that we had the chance to connect our like minds and I hope that this little glimpse into beauty nutrition will give other women the curiosity and inspiration to explore the topic further. All my best to you and World Wise Beauty Lauroly!

P.S I noticed Jolene was featured in a brand new on-line beauty boutique called ‘Philtre’ along side of one of my favorite ‘Ideal Finds’ Innersense Organic Beauty. Learn more about it on her website and follow my Ideal Finds section to discover beauty, health and wellness products with beautiful conscious values. Cultivate beauty from the inside…out! 




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World Wise Beauty Presents the ‘WWB Icon’ for 2015. Meet ‘Thorbjörg’ the Hot Anti-Aging Queen from Scandinavia

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ICON: Thorbjorg Hafsteindottir

EXPERTISE: Nutrition, Fitness, Longevity

AUTHOR: ’10 Years younger, in 10 Weeks (Your Best Self).’

PROFILE: Thorborg is Scandinavia’s anti-age queen and has reached cult status with her natural and empowering approach to aging. She is a trained nurse, nutritional therapist and certified health coach with 25 years of experience in nutrition therapy. Focused on behavioral and integrative lifestyle changes, her work specializes in sugar addiction, obesity, diabetes, women’s health, healthy pregnancy, healthy children and especially anti-aging.

IDEALS: “Just because you’re technically getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel that way. Women are beautiful, inside and out, regardless of their age.” ~Thorbjorg





Welcome Thorbjorg to World Wise Beauty. I truly feel ‘World Wise’ talking with a beautiful woman about ideal wellness who lives across the globe in Iceland and Denmark! You are originally from Iceland and now currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is the home of the happiest people on earth according to many research studies! I have to say, having visited a few times for work, the Danes are lovely people, and the word that comes to mind for me when I think of the Danish is ‘relaxed’. But I admit you are my first real encounter with an Icelander!

For many of my American readers, you are more than likely  just learning about Thorbjorg but she is quite a celebrity in Scandinavia and has an almost cult like following. She is considered the ‘Anti-Age’ queen and I guess we could compare her a little to Suzanne Summers here in the states. In fact Thorbjorg recommends one of Suzanne’s books in her book. What they both believe passionately is you should not have to grow old, weak, and sick just because you are getting older. On the contrary you can live a very active life full of vitality if you treat your body, mind and spirit well!

Thorbjorg, I will be honest with you. When I saw the title of your book ‘10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks’ (Your Best Self) I thought ‘oh here we go again–another diet book perhaps selling miracle potions!’ After reading your book and learning more about your story I must say ‘don’t judge a book by its title!’! But in your case definitely by its picture! It was refreshing to find that your book is no gimmick, but rather a practical and comprehensive longevity program, that would normally cost thousands of dollars if you went to a wellness retreat or center. What I love about it is you look at women holistically and your prescriptions for looking younger are all related to nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle. It won’t be a spoiler alert for the readers to know your program is no easy peasy but totally achievable if you commit to revitalizing your habits and mindset.

Lauroly Q- So to begin, Thorbjorg you’re 54 years YOUNG, mother of three and most people think you are at least 15 years younger! Just look at your book cover! Wow! What is even more interesting is you worked as a nurse for some years. Is that when you were addicted to sugar? Let’s start by telling us what the catalyst was that sent you on your wellness journey. Did you suddenly turn yourself around or was it a gradual step by step process? I love how you tell us how wonderful you currently feel and how you plan on feeling this way well into your advancing age. I’m with you and sign me up!

Thorbjörg: Thank you Laura for your kind words and great welcome greetings. I am honored to be here and thank you for the opportunity to be here with you. What a blessing! I have a slight correction. I did not work as a nurse for very long. In fact you can count the time working in the white uniform in hours only! My focus was always on health and nutrition, and I thought obtaining a nurse’s education would facilitate my work, so that is what I did. And I have never regretted it.

I learned how the body works; anatomy, biochemistry and physiology and the experience working with patients was very helpful. I was the oldest in class and a rebel I guess. I remember having strong opinions about several things regarding treatment and the food of course. Didn’t see much ‘healing’ and nourishing food around the hospitals in those days. But nevertheless I left school with the highest score and three years later I finished my degree as a nutritional therapist at Institute for Optimum Nutrition. I have been my own boss in my own company ever since.

I have been sugar addict ever since I was a little girl caused by several circumstances. When I was 23, expecting my first girl, I sort of woke up from my sugar blues thinking that this wasn’t fair. I no longer wanted to hurt my own body and jeopardize the chances of giving birth to a healthy strong girl. So I quit! In a sober moment I found the energy and the will power to change my sugar habits. I’m not lying to you! I remember it was very hard and there were times I felt like I was going crazy! I needed my fix! But eventually I felt much better, the less sugar chews in my brain the more clarity I had. With a clear mind it is much easier to make good choices. It took me some years to find out what made me mind fogged, miserable, depressed and bloated. I was still eating starch from bread which is basically the same as added sugar. I eventually cut out all sugar and I also cut the gluten. Amazingly my joint pain vanished. My journey towards optimum health and sobriety took some years and I learned so much about food, the human body, and most importantly my body! The more I took care of myself, the more resolved I became about what I wanted in my life. I wouldn’t have missed being a sugar addict for anything in the world! I use to congratulate my sugar trapped students for being exactly where they are, because their ‘life bliss’ was still yet to come. Quitting sugar, loving your body and taking control of your health is that kind of feeling.


Lauroly Q: Thank you for being so honest. Many people don’t even realize they are ‘sugar addicts’ and just don’t make the connection. Your experience as a nutritionist definitely contributes to your 10 week plan and I love all the medical tests you include in the book and on the ‘Pine Tribe’ (your Publisher) website. These tests would be exactly what a wellness retreat or wellness center might have you take when participating in a wellness program. I know because I was formerly Marketing Director for one of the leading longevity centers in the country here in NJ. When you create wellness programs for people you have to consider that every person has their own unique bio-individuality. How did you come up with your three different fitness types? Each type has a different temperament and requires different wellness rituals. Tell us more…

Thorbjörg: For years I have been blessed with the opportunity to know beautiful women, in all shapes and sizes, visiting me in my private clinic, attending my lectures, and they all have been my grand teachers. By listening to their stories, how they feel and what they eat and at the same time observing how they look, talk, behave and the color and texture of their skin well, I got to know them pretty good.

I began to see a pattern of similarities in behavior, body shape, health condition and symptoms. For example, I often see rather skinny or not overweight women, full of high energy, ambitious, often hard cardio trainers, seeking stressful things, drinking a lot of coffee and on the go. So I named those types “To Go”. They are adrenalin, cortisol dominated women with physical and mental symptoms that reflect this kind of control or lack of it! Ha ha 🙂 Well I’m one of them. Typically this type can send their immune system into overdrive and all kinds of symptoms will confirm this. Rashes, dry skin tendency to wrinkle, besnier’s prurigo, sleep disorder, digestion problems, joint problems and sugar cravings are all the body’s way of saying I am out of balance.

Then the type which appears to be the opposite has slow metabolism, slow digestion, low energy, tendency toward depression, overweight, especially around the stomach and hips, and dominated by hyper thyroid function. This type is more into hot chocolate with cream and she will ‘stay’ while enjoying it.  She is my second ‘To Stay’ type. The third type is yo- yoing between the two; a metabolic dysfunctional type feeling up and down. All of the types have a challenge to deal with, and the journey to balance is a bit different in terms of the type of food and exercise they choose. The ‘Adrenal type’ needs to calm down and take it more easy. She can learn from her calmer chocolate drinking sister! Each type can actually learn from each other. It’s finding the balance for your type. This is not bulletproof science but my observations are based on experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Lauroly Q-  I love the quote from your book  “your second youth begins in your fridge” because you really believe the secret to staying youthful is the fuel we give to our bodies. I like your book in particular because it offers a little ‘tough love’ and confronts ‘truths’ which maybe too many experts dance around. Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own wellness. I would add that sometimes no matter healthy we are, things can happen due to no fault of our own. Yet, many ‘old’ ailments that many have succumbed to can be avoided. There is a heading before one of your tests in the book that says ‘what you eat can be seen and felt’. How true that is. You really crystallize the whole aging concept when you focus on ‘Chronological age’ vs ‘Biological age. Some people at the age of twenty already have the body of a 40-year-old and some people at age 85 feel like they are 60! Isn’t that something! You spend a lot of time talking about sugar and are pretty strict in your program about not having it. Why is it so bad and why do we have to be extreme about not having it all?

Thorbjörg: First I want to make it clear that I really believe that we are responsible for our own life and health. Every bit of junk food and every sip of sugary sodas, the hours you’re not sleeping while you should be in and all the times you bailed out of your exercise class or the walk you promised yourself. This is on you. That said I do not believe that all “bad things” are on us. Let’s talk about cancer, “the great white” in the sense of the fear many of us have for this condition, with good reason because cancer can indeed be very serious. And it strikes randomly or so it seems. Healthy lifestyle or not, it invades your body, your life and challenges you and your love ones. I have witnessed and worked with many women and men with different kind of cancers taking responsibility and it changed their life. They begin to take better care of themselves through food, exercise, mindfulness and love. It’s not coming from guilt and shame and the notion “I got cancer because I have been a bad girl and now I’m being punished”. No this is about facing facts and the using the healing power of taking action and stepping up for yourself. In some odd way, it can be a great and wonderful journey. And lifesaving! Why wait for a serious disease to improve your sense of well-being?

So why am I anti-sugar? Because getting rid of it, or most of it, is a part of being sober, feeling energized, focused, and awake. Getting rid of it can slow down inflammation in your body, and ward off serious conditions like type 2 and 3 diabetes, several types of cancer and heart problems. Also, sugar makes you old in a hurry and your skin wrinkled. If that is what you want you can keep it! But if you want something more out of your life, not just now, but in 10, 15 and 30 years from now, you want to quit sugar and all the products with added sugar and starches. And you find it everywhere! In all kind of products, including some that claim they are healthy just because they are organic or “natural”. Do not let them fool you. Read the labels!

Lauroly Q- I found this book to be one of the most comprehensive health books for women I have covered to date and it’s simply because you cover health, wellness and anti-aging from an integrative perspective and you practice what you preach. You spend a lot of time covering bio-chemistry in the book and really delve into the importance of managing stress and our hormones. This is such an important part of your program. Hormones can wreak havoc on your health and cause all kinds of imbalances in the body. But as you spell out on the book, if you are taking care of your ‘ total system’ hormones seem to have less impact on your overall health. What is the biggest misconception women have about their hormones?

Thorbjörg: I think many women have no clue how their hormones work, such as what estrogen does in the body and the importance of balanced progesterone and testosterone. They all effect your energy, balance, sex, weight, brain and skin. Also I find it disturbing that far too many women think pre-menopause and menopause is supposed to be about suffering. Some believe, the only thing to relieve the suffering is Hormone Replacement. Ok of course there will be changes in how you feel when your hormones change in production and the balance in ratio between them. It’s it natural to experience mild symptoms such as tiredness and hot flushes. But suffering for months and even years is not to be accepted. Eating authentic and real food that communicates with the body will allow menopause and the years to come to be the best time of your life. I believe you can be beautiful and a wise woman in balance with yourself. I’m still a rebel but in peace! A true Vitality Warrior! (the title of my next book!)

 Lauroly Q- I am excited about your next book! I can’t let you leave us without asking you about ‘Cultural Diets’. The two big regions in the world who have gained most of the attention for their longevity diets are Japan and Greece. Suddenly in just the last year ‘Scandinavia’ has become the new ‘hot diet & region’ trending around the world! Did you start this trend with your book!? What do you think the magic is in the Scandinavian diet? For Greece it’s the oil, Japan it’s the fish and seaweed, and France it’s of course the wine. Is it the berries in Scandinavia? I simplify I know! But tell us what you think? I think every culture has its super-foods but it’s generally the overall ‘culture and lifestyle’ that contributes to longevity and centenarian status. Do you agree?



Thorbjörg: I do agree Laura. Every culture has its own super foods. And the Nordic food is very much about the food our grandparents ate for generations. Back to the basics so to speak. Wild blueberries and black berries, all kind of kale and root vegetables, wild salmon and fish, lamb game grass fed, butter and cream and the Icelandic skyr which is also is available in Whole Food Market in the states. And yes, I believe some of this is on me, since I have been talking and writing about eating real and local grown food for the last 25 years! This is superfood! So is turmeric, astaxanthin, spirulina, chocolate and goji berries, just to mention a few. When the food works with and supports the natural function of the body I’m all in. I want my food to support my hormones, bones, joints, brain, glutathione and serotonin production as well as nitric oxide. I eat food for this purpose, take supplements and patch meridian spots in my body to support my body and I eat smart dark chocolate with turmeric and camu camu every day.



Lauroly Closing: I am so honored to have spent this time with you Thorbjörg! You are an inspiration and I am thrilled to announce you are now officially my first 2015 WWB Icon! You are a WWB Icon because you share your wisdom and expertise and are totally committed to advancing wellness culture. Through your work, publishing projects and personal example you teach us how we can all celebrate ideals for wellness culture from the inside out. Bravo!

I am going to share this book with everyone I know! I encourage all my readers to visit your website and learn more about your 10 week program, then order the book as fast as you can, so you can get started with ‘REVITALIZING’! I hope you will visit us again and I invite you to come back as often as you like to share your wellness wisdom! P.S Keep on riding those bicycles! 😉

Thorbjorg: Thank you so much Laura. I’m so honored. It means a lot to me. My work is truly my passion. My mission is to help women revitalize and live long healthy lives. My purpose in life is to teach and inspire. Thank you for supporting me with my mission. I would love to come back. There is so much more to share. And yes! Biking is a part of my lifestyle in Copenhagen where I live most of the time. In Reykjavik, Iceland I have a bike too, but a bit more robust off roader. A true Viking needs a mountain bike! Ha ha ! 🙂






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WWB’s ‘Beauty Food’ of the Week is Steeped in the Rituals of Ancient Cultures…

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WWB’s ‘Beauty Food’ of the Week: TURMERIC
Ideal Find in a Bottle: Turmeric Alive

WWB’s ‘Beauty Food’ of the week is an all-star super spice and is emerging today as one of nature’s most powerful healers. Once called a poor man’s saffron because of its deep yellow hue, Turmeric is now considered ‘Indian Gold.’ If you have been eating Indian or Pakistani food, you are sure to be familiar with it. This powerhouse spice owes it preventive and curative powers to its active ingredient ‘curcumin’ which is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. If you follow my Beauty Food section, you will notice a theme. The foods that pack the highest anti-oxidant agents are excellent for your skin. Many skin conditions occur due to inflammation in the body and often your skin is the first organ to tell you that you need to cool the fires in your body.

Long before the science and research, “turmeric’ was used by ancient cultures as a beautifier. Did you know it came from the beautiful flower plant featured above? It is deeply rooted in Indian and Pakistani wedding traditions and is prepared especially for the ‘brides to be.’ The woman closest to the bride applies a beauty paste using turmeric to her face and body. It is known as Uptan or Ubtan and prized for its cure-all skin benefits. You don’t need to get married to appreciate the skin clearing powers of Turmeric, see the ancient recipe below and enjoy a radiant glow for any occasion! Listed below are just a few of the skin benefits when using turmeric. You can learn more about this spice and many other spices in this great book ‘Healing Spices’ by Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD. This book can be your ‘spice bible’ and I highly recommend you add it to your wellness library.

~Truly Herself, Lauroly

 Wrinkle Reducer

Skin Brightener

Facial Hair Reducer

Acne Treatment


Ancient Beauty Mask ( Uptan/Ubtan) 

2 tbsp of gram flour (besan)
A pinch of turmeric (haldi)
A pinch of ground sandalwood
2 tbsp of rose water
2 tbsp of milk


1. Mix all of the ingredients together to create a paste that’s a bit yellowish in color.

2. Apply it to your face and keep it on until it dries (15-20 minutes).

3. Rinse off with warm water.

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