WWB Book Wise Club

World Wise Beauty Presents the Winter 2017 ‘Book Wise’ Pick and it Promises to Keep You Warm From the Inside…Out

  BOOK WISE Winter Pick: The Little Book of Hygge --The Danish Way to Live Well   CATEGORY: Wellness/Non-Fiction   CULTURE SPOTLIGHT: Denmark   AUTHOR: Meik Wiking   OF NOTE: Book was a best-seller in the UK and just released in America in January,     ________________________________________________________________________________________________ It...

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Healthy Epicurean, Wise Gurus

How to Live a Long and Pleasurable Life…Doctor, & Author of “The Olive Oil Diet” Shares the Wellness Secrets of the Mediterranean Culture & Lifestyle

  WWB Wise Guru: Dr. Simon Poole  MBBS DRCOG is a Cambridge based medical doctor, author, broadcaster and commentator with expertise in the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Featured Book: The Olive Oil Diet --Nutritional Secrets of...

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