WWB Wisdom Wrap: Everything’s Coming Up Roses! Ideal Finds to Springify Your Life…

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It’s April the 1st, and Spring has officially sprung. With all the gloomy and scary news swirling around lately, I thought you might enjoy a little Flower inspiration to springify your life. To kick our WISDOM WRAP off, I share a lovely quote by Miranda Kerr. I think it’s a perfect metaphor to remind us all to be comfortable in our own skin. Spring is in the air in many parts of the world, and below are IDEAL FINDS that will bring beautiful flowers into your home and your travel plans. Have a lovely April weekend World Wise Beauty!




BOOK CATEGORY:  ‘Bringing Nature Home’ by Ngoc Minh Ngo ( arrangements by Nicolette Owen)

IDEAL FIND:  DIY and Educational. Beautiful photography from cover to cover. Ideal gift for Mother’s Day.

Unlike most flower-arrangement books, which rely on expensive and often nonseasonal flowers from florists, this book presents an alternative that is in line with the “back to nature” movement. This is the first volume to showcase how to be inspired by nature’s seasonal bounty and bring that nature into the home through floral arrangements.

From the well-known lifestyle photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo and Nicolette Owen of Brooklyn’s Little Flower School, Bringing Nature Home presents a portfolio of unique and original floral arrangements directly inspired by the seasons and the local environment, with sources ranging from farmers’ market offerings to the backyard garden. Presented through lush photography that also showcases the beautiful interiors the arrangements are created for, this is as much a decorating tome as it is a floral-arrangement guide.

A how-to section offers advice on the selection, trimming, and care of the arrangements and on repurposed and unique containers, making this book practical as well as inspiring.






     ‘Celebrate Spring at These Spectacular Flower Festivals

Around the World’

                                                                                               ( excerpt from Architectural Digest)

Architectural Digest Photo

TRAVEL WISE:  Wonderful travel piece from Architectural Digest for my Flowerista Followers ready to travel the world!

IDEAL FIND:  Inspiration for your travel bucket-list. Follow the Flower Festivals! Plan a trip with loved one, friends or your mother!

AD EXCERPT: From D.C. to Kyoto, signs of spring are all around. Cities and towns across the world are ushering in the fairest of the seasons with flower festivals, shows, and parades. There are cherry blossoms in both the U.S. and Japan, colorful tulip fields in Holland, fragrant rose gardens in Oregon, lilacs on picturesque Mackinac Island in Lake Huron, and delicate apple blossoms in the Shenandoah Valley. You don’t have to be a horticulturist to partake in the festivities—just show up and smell the roses. You might even get some landscaping ideas for your own home.

New York Botanical Garden

America’s Best Botanical Gardens

TRAVEL CATEGORY: In addition to Flower Festivals, we can’t forget beautiful Botanical Gardens often found in our own regions where we live. Thanks to our friends over at PRO FLOWERS  I can share this fantastic list of the 25 Best Botanical Gardens here in the United States. Indulge in a little flower-power and make your next road trip a visit to your local Botanical Garden.

IDEAL FIND: Another ideal trip to take with your Mom for Mother’s Day! And for those seeking some solitude, I can personally say having been to many Botanical Gardens around the world, sometimes on my own, they are the best places to clear out the cob-webs in your brain and ‘just be’ with the flowers! ~Lauroly

PROFLOWERS EXCERPT: Botanical gardens are a great way to escape from the city, unwind and enjoy all that nature has to offer. From beautiful flowers to pristine plant life, botanical gardens are sure to amaze turn after turn. If you want to immerse yourself in the wonder of nature, be amazed by the intriguing shapes and colors of exotic plants, and learn about the roots of local history, then schedule a trip to one of the top botanical gardens in the United States.

After surveying the fascinating landscape of botanical gardens throughout the country, we’ve chosen these 25 based on select criteria: number and variety of plants, uniqueness of the collections, commitment to preserving regional habitats and highlighting local flora, and how each garden’s staff engage the public with arts, culture and educational programs.

These amazing attractions earned high marks across the board. We hope you enjoy exploring our top picks.

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WWB’s WISDOM WRAP: Desperately Seeking Shut-eye In a 24/7 Sleep Deprived Culture…

Mar 14, 2016 by



Desperately Seeking Shut-eye In a 24/7 World





Okay let’s ‘wrap’ about sleep. Did you know that it was Sleep Awareness Week? The National Sleep Foundation created the awareness campaign and their website shares a cornucopia of information on  everything you need to know about sleep. If you are in tuned in to on-line media, you may have noticed quite a bit of ‘how to’ advice on getting more sleep. treating sleep disorders, and the natural ways you can improve the quality of your sleep. And how do we end this important week of sleep awareness? Why of course by setting our clocks forward by one hour for Daylight Savings Time! How are you feeling today after losing yet another hour of sleep?

So, on top of all the well-intentioned media reports on the importance of getting more sleep, we are also hearing additional reports on how by tinkering with our clocks we may disrupt our natural circadian rhythm. Really? Unfortunately, yes. Think about jet lag, and you will start to get the idea. But you have to laugh with me, because aren’t there a million other things interfering with our sleep already? There are certainly ways to improve the quality of our sleep, but like everything else in wellness it really depends on your body, how you are treating your body, and what is contributing to your sleep deficit. You are unique and truly a bio-individual. Each and every person has their own individual needs when it comes to caring for their body.

I would say a high percentage of people in our society have sleep issues and another larger percentage have genuine sleep disorders related to health conditions.  These are the two big elephants in the room. Cultural values and chronic health conditions. Sleep issues are more common because we have created a ‘culture’ that very much interferes with getting a good night’s sleep. Like everything else, we can’t point to one thing in our culture that is making us sleep deprived. It is a combination of cultural forces and some of them we can resist and some we can’t. Technology has progressively changed how we live our lives and there are good things to point to. But we also have a 24/7 expectation that everything must be done and can get done. The important thing to realize, is that every step of the way, we have choices on how we decide to use the technology. This is where our values come in…

Technology is here to stay but it doesn’t have to steal our zzz’s. We can make certain lifestyle decisions that support wellness and won’t interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. The good news is, we can correct our bad habits. It is not until we hit crisis mode do we suddenly admit–‘oh wow I guess sleep is pretty important to my existence’. We don’t worry because our pharmaceutical industry has a pill for that and down the slippery slope we go again to ‘quick  temporary fixes’ that ultimately don’t address the real problems. Which leads me to the other percentage of people who have real sleep disorders…

So in the context of sleep, just think about our ‘speciality’ driven medical world, and how we ride the ‘doctor carousel seeing various specialists to uncover our sleep issues. Where are the good primary doctors  that honestly say to their patient who has serious medical conditions like diabetes, obesity and autoimmune conditions, “diseases can be systemic and until we get your condition managed, your sleep can suffer”. We are holistically a ‘system’ and sleep is an important component of our system, and we need it ‘desperately’ to function well. Treating the whole person ‘holistically’ is the ticket to better sleep for all people struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Follow this link to the Sleep Foundations website to learn just how many sleep disorders there are, and review the many diseases and conditions they are associated with. It’s stunning really.

On the bright side, Functional Medicine is now becoming more ‘culturally acceptable’ because we now realize that proper nutrition, fitness, and sleep are all required for living as a human-being.  I have interviewed some of the best leaders and experts in this area of  healthcare, so I hope you take the time to glean their wisdom and learn more about their books.  Now I know as a blogger I am supposed to provide a few bullet points to help you get a better night’s sleep. But as you have noticed I am not your typical blogger. I love being a conduit and sharing wisdom. Sometimes wisdom is often just ‘common sense’ we forget to pay attention to!

What I will do here now is better than bullets, especially if you read this far. I will share a book full of wisdom. But before I do, I will share the author’s forward to help you understand how I recognize and identify ‘wisdom’.  The book is from 1994 and re-released in 2000 Mass Market as Sleep RX, 75 Proven Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep by Norman D. Ford. If you search Amazon for him you will discover he wrote numerous books covering a broad array of health and wellness topics. He takes pride in sharing information that has been medically proven and heavily researched which is always a great place to start, don’t you think?

“Once you have identified your particular sleep problem, the book then describes exactly what you need to do to RESTORE blessed sound sleep. You may believe the pharmaceutical industry and sleeping pills are the only way to beat insomnia. But the truth is that sedatives and similar drugs only worsen our sleep. A prescription or OTC medication may induce sleep for a few hours. But like almost all drugs, including caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol they distort and disrupt the natural sleep process. The reason is that sleeping, like eating, breathing or making love is a natural mind-body function that only a healthy mind and body can accomplish. This book is designed so that once you identify your sleep problem, you can select the most appropriate and beneficial Sleep RX’s and use them to create your own holistic program to restore youthful sleep.” ~Norman D. Ford


 So if you are desperately seeking shut-eye the most important bullet I can share is this one…


Books like the one I have shared here can guide you wisely, and arm you with the information you need to seek out medical help when all else has failed. In the meantime, start with things you really can manage like daily rituals and habits which have no side-effects except possibly a good disposition! 🙂 

P.S We women have complicated hormones that can also affect our sleep patterns. Getting in tune with your body and observing what ‘triggers’ can throw your hormones out of a whack is important. Sometimes it is hard to tell which one is causing disturbance, because as mentioned in my last post our bodies are like a big ‘symphony’ and when something is out of tune, it affects the whole performance. It’s wise to learn more about your hormones at various stages of your life.






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WWB’s Weekly Wisdom Wrap: Finding Beauty and LIVING With Fear- Worldly Wisdom for Scary Times

Nov 20, 2015 by


There is so much violence and ugliness in the world today and I can’t help but point out that behind it always seems to be fear and a lack of love. This week terrorism struck Paris and the world felt their pain. Collectively we felt disgusted and frightened of the senseless violence. For many of us around the world we have experienced this awful horror on our own soil, and know the violence all too well. The images and stories that piled up in media were so visceral that it was hard not to feel that we all are being attacked and threatened on a very personal level. The reality is, we are. This is exactly what terrorism is, and its ultimate weapon is fear. Not knowing where or when an attack or act of violence will happen next, we begin to recoil in fear and stop living and thriving.  When we do this they have won, and they have truly conquered when we turn on each other. There are plenty of articles all over the media on this subject and I won’t proselytize to you now. Instead I choose to find beauty in the world, amidst the ugliness of the news this week, and share them with you…



I didn’t have to look far. The most inspiring beauty and inspiration came from a musician and child in Paris, the very place that was so wounded by the terrorist this week. See the videos below and be inspired by a man who chose to respond to the attack on Paris with his music, and a father who chose to remind his son of the beauty that still remains. The pianist did what he probably does everyday of his life. He played his piano. The peace sign on his piano made a statement but his refusal to wallow in fear and hate made a bigger statement. He chose Peace and showed the world that he will go on living his life sharing his beautiful music. His spirit spoke to me and his music reminds us of everything good about the human spirit. What we don’t see in the news enough, is there are millions of beautiful spirits just like him living and choosing peace. So to live in fear, would make no sense for me, because I  believe in those spirits who are living and loving despite the ugliness in this world. We are many, and as the war machines rage on, and the media stirs the pot of fear, we are here choosing to ‘keep on’ in peace everyday.  See videos below to see how beautiful strong spirits respond to fear. Have a great weekend and take time to LIVE despite the ugliness around you.  When you do, we win this war.











P.S But don’t write me off as Pollyanna, I know there is a lot to be worried about but I seek wisdom from people around the world who have experienced terrorism up close ( and that would also be me on 9/11) and have learned to live with fear by not letting it control their every day life.  CNN ran this article yesterday and I appreciated how they gleaned tips and wisdom from several countries. We can learn a lot from each other right now and also come to realize that we are not in this alone.

How to prepare for terror threats: World leaders urge calm, awareness…



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WWB’s Weekly Wisdom Wrap: It’s ‘World Smile Day’– Lighten Up and Discover the Top 4 Health Benefits of Laughter…

Oct 2, 2015 by


‘World Smile Day’ couldn’t have come at a better time, as it has been a week of gloomy weather here on much of the East Coast of America. But everyday we can find grace. I am grateful, that we dodged a major hurricane, and all my family and friends are safe and sound. If lots of rain and dark skies is all I have to deal with– I can deal! But keep in mind there are many people who suffer from SAD disorder and physically feel depression when there is no sun. Achieving good physical and mental health is a different challenge for each of us individually, but there are some universal things we can all do to feel better. You know where I am going with this…it’s ‘World Smile Day’ and before you check out cynically and dismiss this post, let me just tell you this not a ‘fluff’ piece. To the contrary, science and medical research has found that smiling and laughter is seriously and truly beneficial for good physical and mental health. So lighten up and learn more, because before you know it, you’ll be cracking a smile, feeling good, and dare I say…celebrating World Smile Day with me. 🙂

P.S I also believe in the power of music to uplift and just had to share a feel good music video with you. Check it out below. This one you can’t get out of your head once you hear it and that maybe the best thing about it. Enjoy the weekend and Happy World Smile Day!








  1. Laughter relaxes the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.
  2. Laughter boosts the immune system. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.
  3. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.
  4. Laughter protects the heart. Laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems


Laughter is the ‘Best Medicine” for Your Heart‘– Describes a study that found that laughter helps prevent heart disease. (University of Maryland Medical Center)

Laughter Therapy – Guide to the healing power of laughter, including the research supporting laughter therapy. (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

If the health benefits are not enough to get you smiling, the research gets better and finds laughter is also good for mental health –both mind and spirit! So let’s get real first, some life events are clearly sad and not occasions for laughter. But most events in life don’t carry an overwhelming sense of either sadness or delight. They essentially fall into the gray zone of ordinary life–giving you the choice to laugh or not. So the next time a certified grump asks you “What are you so happy about?” you can say ‘JUST BECAUSE’ and I feel GOOD about saying it! If you really want to make them feel sorry for asking, you can rattle off the following Mental Benefits of Laughter and send them on their way with their dark cloud in a twist!

  1. Laughter dissolves distressing emotions. You can’t feel anxious, angry, or sad when you’re laughing.
  2. Laughter helps you relax and recharge. It reduces stress and increases energy, enabling you to stay focused and accomplish more.
  3. Humor shifts perspective, allowing you to see situations in a more realistic, less threatening light. A humorous perspective creates psychological distance, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.


Smile &Walk on the Lighter Side of Life:

  • Laugh at yourself. Share your embarrassing moments. The best way to take yourself less seriously is to talk about times when you took yourself too seriously.
  • Attempt to laugh at situations rather than bemoan them. Look for the humor in a bad situation, and uncover the irony and absurdity of life. This will help improve your mood and the mood of those around you.
  • Surround yourself with reminders to lighten up. Keep a toy on your desk or in your car. Put up a funny poster in your office. Choose a computer screensaver that makes you laugh. Frame photos of you and your family or friends having fun.
  • Keep things in perspective. Many things in life are beyond your control—particularly the behavior of other people. While you might think taking the weight of the world on your shoulders is admirable, in the long run it’s unrealistic, unproductive, unhealthy, and even egotistical.
  • Manage your stressStress is a major impediment to humor and laughter.
  • Pay attention to children and pets and emulate them. They are the experts on playing, taking life lightly, 



The Science of Laughter –Psychology Today

Articles on Health and Humor – Psychologist and humor-training specialist Paul McGhee offers a series of articles on humor, laughter, and health. (Laughter Remedy)

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WWB’s Weekly Wisdom Wrap: Entertainment & Wisdom–Korean Romantic Comedy ‘The Beauty Inside’ Tackles the Big Questions About Beauty, Love and the Soul

Sep 19, 2015 by


Beauty from the inside out is a topic we are always exploring and celebrating at World Wise Beauty, so this foreign film ‘The Beauty Inside’ from Korea caught my attention when it was released just last week. My mission is to encourage women to be comfortable in their own skin by exploring beauty, health wellness ideas and cultivate their own personal wellness lifestyle wisely. But I can’t say it enough, there is no one-way to wellness or becoming comfortable in your own skin, there is only your way. At World Wise Beauty, you can enjoy a worldly, savvy approach to beauty, health and wellness and glean wisdom from many cultural perspectives.

I’m here to present a cornucopia of options and inspiration! My Weekly Wisdom Wrap is a way for you to keep your finger on the pulse of wellness culture, which can include many forms of edutainment.  This week I found this charming film from Korea that wrestles with the question–where does beauty really reside and do we fall in love with someone’s appearance or who they are on the inside? This seems like a shallow question at first, but this film is digging deeper into the spirituality of love and explores the ‘pure essence’ of the self. And yes this is a romantic comedy! Sometimes to go deep, we must be light, and ‘The Beauty Inside’ does ‘play’ with the conceptual idea that love & beauty has many faces…



‘Beauty Inside’ is a 2015 South Korean high-concept film based on the 2012 American social film The Beauty Inside, about a man who wakes up everyday in a different body.  See the Wiki overview below, and check out the social project circa 2012 on youtube too.

PLOT: Furniture designer Woo-jin wakes up in a different body everyday, regardless of age, gender and nationality. Sometimes he’s a man, a woman, old, young, or even a foreigner. He’s the same person on the inside, but on the outside he’s always someone new. Looking at a different face in the mirror every morning is hard for him to get used to. The only constant in his life is the girl he loves, Yi-soo, who knows his secret and loves him anyway. Each time he transforms, Woo-jin must figure out how to reunite with Yi-soo.


There’s an excellent review of the movie by Katie Walsh at the LA Times and she sums up the value of the movie and why I think it’s a movie pick worth your while.

“With the luminous Han as the leading lady and a host of actors portraying Woo-Jin, this winning romantic comedy-drama explores deeply philosophical issues, including the ephemerality of body versus the intangible longevity of soul. ” ~Katie Walsh


Sounds like pretty deep content, but isn’t it wonderful when creative artists find a way to present big ideas in fun and entertaining formats! I am open to all kinds of storytelling that share wisdom and remind me of the important things in life that really matter. Check out the trailer below, and I hope if you haven’t been a lover of foreign-films, that this one is your light entrée into a ‘world’ of storytelling and wisdom…






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WWB Weekly Wisdom Wrap: Keeping Life Simple and 7 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend At Home

Sep 4, 2015 by


Today kicks off the Labor Day Weekend for the United States. We have three big weekends in the summer and this one is especially important as it marks the official end of our summer. Which always kind of irks me, because officially Summer ends September 20th. Summer is not over until it’s over! Right?! But okay, part of the official ending appeal is it’s a PAID holiday for working people and who doesn’t love a three-day weekend. School begins after Labor Day and the business world gets back in their cubicles full swing. Europe has been gone, for well…the whole summer! So the world starts spinning in the fast lane again, after Labor Day. Are you getting why this weekend is a such a big deal?

Boy this last summer weekend better be good! And oh no! Here comes the pressure. Get on the road, get to the beach, plan a getaway because you will never have summer again! You can visit many other websites that will give you the very serious and historical meaning of Labor Day, but I’m here to tell you what it really means to most of us today…

We all want to end our summer on a high note! But big expectations can create big disappointments, especially when you are sitting in holiday traffic, stuck in an airport or train station or worse stuck on-line at some event you heard ‘was the place to be’ for Labor Day! Oh and BTW, so did 50,000 other people! Hahaha! Am I scaring you? I just kid, but holiday weekends are loaded with expectations and complications that aren’t really relaxing or fun. Some of us create this same kind of self-induced pressure around the Christmas holidays. We always promise ourselves…never again. So, before you wake up tomorrow and get yourself all crazed for a ‘holiday weekend’, take a look at my 7 tips for ‘enjoying’ your holiday weekend simply. And who knows maybe you might even save a little money as a bonus! For those already traveling, some of these tips can work wherever you may roam!

1- Don’t set the alarm and sleep in! After you wake up, stretch and breathe. Take time to pet your dog or cat and just be. Next, rather than take a shower, run a spa bath with your favorite essential oils and play your favorite relaxing music.

2- Now that you are totally relaxed, who needs to get messy in the kitchen. Instead go for breakfast at a local cafe and read the entire newspaper or your favorite magazine from cover to cover. This also means you turn off all notifications on your intrusive little smart-phone or tablet that basically rules and controls you when you are not on vacation! Phone you might need, but tablet can be left behind.

3- As you leisurely walk ( preferably) back home, buy yourself some flowers, or pick some from your garden and display them in a prominent place where you can’t miss smelling their fragrance all weekend long.

4- Try not to get in your car. Explore your local town. If you must drive, go to a beautiful public garden, local farm, park or hiking trail in your area. The closer the better, because we are keeping it simple right? When you walk, leave your iPod and smart phone in your bag and try to tune in to the sounds around you. Hopefully it is not car traffic or screaming kids! The sound of nature will slowly erase any stress endorphins you have built up, when you were trying to plan your big getaway!

5- Maybe your simple pleasure is to read a book not in bed when you can’t make it through a chapter without falling asleep on a typical work night. Find your comfy spot to read your book. If it’s nice out, choose a shaded porch, a hammock, or a lovely chair on your deck. If you have a pool read and float! If you don’t have any of these, see the suggestions in #4 and bring your book!

6- If you are feeling restless or need activity away from home, explore your city and neighborhood. Go to places you have never had the time to visit, whether it be a museum, a wild life sanctuary, a local theater or outdoor concert. If this doesn’t sound exciting to you, just conjure up that holiday traffic that you would have been sitting in for possibly 3 hours. Local is pretty fun too, because the crowds are all out there sitting in traffic!

7- Since you already treated yourself to breakfast or lunch, why not make a beautiful dinner at home with fresh ingredients you picked up from the local farm in your area. Take your time, put on some relaxing music or chat with your loved one or family as you prepare. The key thing is to not rush. Enjoy preparing, cooking and eating. It will be the best dinner you have ever experienced.

All of the above tips and suggestions can be enjoyed in one day or over your three-day holiday. The point is to SIMPLY focus on pleasure and relaxation. For those of you lucky to get away to a beach house and got a big head start ahead of the holiday madness, all these things can be accomplished while you are away too! For those of you sitting in traffic reading this post, on your smart-phone, I am sorry. All I can suggest is be in the moment, sing some camp songs, and hope for the best! Wishing you all a lovely holiday weekend, and wherever you are, relax and keep life simple!

P.S For those of you with young children, some of this may have to be adjusted to accommodate, but you get the simple idea! 😉






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