Thanks for stopping by to learn more about ‘truly herself’. I am the Founder and Producer of World Wise Beauty, a different kind of blog dedicated to celebrating wellness wisdom for life’s beautiful journey and an event/conference platform Rise of Wise presents.

So I guess you might be wondering why I sign off on my posts ‘Truly Herself” ?  It is a very special tribute to my Mom. She always quoted Shakespeare’s words ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’ and encouraged me to ‘tune in’ to my own body, mind and spirit. The answer to your next curiosity, who is Lauroly? It’s my pen name and it’s an abbreviation of my first and last name. This brings me to World Wise Beauty’s mantra.

No matter where you go–there you are! Women and men around the world have different ideals of beauty. Yet, in every culture, we can spot the woman who is authentic, self-assured, and comfortable in her own skin. I believe as the French say that we all have a certain “je ne sais quoi” –-a distinctive quality that makes each of us unique and beautiful. Being comfortable in your own skin is about the loving relationship you have with yourself, in whatever “packaging” you are in.  In an image obsessed society focused on perfection, I believe the greatest wisdom we can come to, is to realize there is no greater cosmetic for beauty than being comfortable in our own skin. How do we do that? I believe it is through honoring and caring for our mind, body and spirit.

The irony of my tagline “Comfortable in Your Own Skin” is, I was never quite comfortable in my own skin. Even when I was accepted by an established model agency in NYC at the age of nineteen, I was conflicted because I was less interested in what I looked like on the outside and more interested in connecting with the world from the inside. 

After a very short modeling stint, I set my sights on working in media and events. Early in my career I became International Sales Manager for a magazine and it was in those formative years, traveling around the world, I honed my communication skills and cultivated a ‘World Wise’ education. Traveling and working with different people and cultures really reinforced for me that we all have something beautiful and interesting about us. Most importantly, we all have so much to learn from each other.

Later in my career, I became Director of Sales and Marketing for HBA, Health & Beauty America the largest beauty trade show in the America serving the beauty and personal care markets. Always attuned to emerging trends, I moved on to conceptualize a ground breaking conference and trade show called Inside Beauty “Cultivating the Beauty Market from the Inside Out” which ran along side HBA at the Javits Center in NYC. Inside Beauty was the first conference and industry trade show to address the convergence of beauty, health & wellness. The show set the stage for all the natural trends you now see in beauty retail and put the spotlight on healthy beauty and natural ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care markets. This was cutting edge and so exciting because I was privileged to work side by side with so many creative and mission-oriented entrepreneurs!

Having a personal passion for wellness I became very interested in the emerging wellness trends developing through out the world. This inspired me to conceptualized another business event called “World Wise Beauty”. This high-caliber conference was created to serve the spa resort, destination hotel, and wellness retreat markets.  It was an exciting venture but the U.S economy was suffering and my international investors said “Au Revoir”! Timing is everything, and while this event ended, I still felt a sense of meaningful purpose, and I was sure I would return to my work of presenting and sharing ideals in wellness culture, so we could all reap the benefits of learning from experts, visionaries and gurus…

I grew up with two sick parents, and achieving a healthy lifestyle was always very important to me. Watching my mother navigate a serious auto-immune condition and then later advanced cancer, I came to realize that “bio-individuality” was extremely important to wellness, healing and treatments. Health and Wellness was not just about lifestyle but also about being well-informed, making individual choices for our own bodies, and weighing all the options available to us. I spent years exploring the connection between mind, body and spirit and have come to firmly believe that taking care of all three is the key to good health, well- being and longevity.

My passion for sharing wellness wisdom helped crystallize my next steps. It was time to produce educational events that would inspire, inform and platform wellness culture.  Coupling my expertise in media, conferences and events, with my passion for wellness culture, I now directly serve women who share my passion for wellness and strive to be comfortable in their own skin. Now for the really important question. What makes us wise? I believe it is experiencing life, reflecting on what we have learned, and coming to a humble understanding that perhaps everyday we are still learning. Ancora Imparo!

~Truly Herself, Lauroly ( aka Laura Connolly)

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