WWB Holiday Ideal Find: The Perfect Thanksgiving Gift for the Hostess and Everyone on Your List!

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           WWB IDEAL FIND: White Orchid Ultrasonic Diffuser



So excited to share my Ideal Find and just in time for the holidays! This special home fragrance diffuser is the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list. It can be used in home or office environment and is a wonderful gift to bring as a gift when visiting friends and family. And if there was ever a rationalization to splurge on yourself  let it be for the sake of wellness!

 WWB IDEAL FIND: White Orchid Ultrasonic Diffuser

 Founder: Marcus Rowell ( partner is wife, currently due to give birth next week!)

 Authentic Dedication: To help people create beautiful and healing spaces in their lives.


Lauroly Q- Welcome Marcus to World Wise Beauty. Let me get this out right away–I am thrilled to introduce your product ‘White Orchid Ultrasonic Diffuser’ as an ‘Ideal Find’ and I believe it is the perfect gift to give for the holidays! I think it’s a great gift to give to the host/hostess of holiday parties and Thanksgiving is next week!  I love aromatherapy and have featured some wonderful companies producing natural essential oils in this very department of World Wise Beauty. Your product is lovely, easy to use and most importantly safe to use. I was also impressed with your digital website ‘Perfect Mind Perfect Body’.  Many products are developing content and communities around their product lines, but your platform is earnest and very well done. Did you always have an interest in natural health and lifestyle? Share with us, what inspired your enlightening business venture?

Marcus Rowell and Wife


Marcus Rowell: Thank you Lauroly for the kind words. I am so happy you like the website and our White Orchid Diffuser. We are really excited about the feedback we’ve had so far. It’s been overwhelming positive. We are honored to be featured among the other amazing products you spotlight in “Ideal Finds.” I’ve always had a passion for natural health, but I would say my passion really intensified throughout the last 5 years.

One particular instance that really fired up my passion involved my elderly grandmother. I remember noticing her taking her daily regimen of medicine. I specifically remember being surprised at how many pills she was taking. There must have been 10 pills. Out of pure curiosity, I asked her what each pill was for. I remember her telling me some were for high cholesterol, diabetes, itching, trouble sleeping, and more. I went home that night and started to explore the side effects of each medication. What I found absolutely shocked me. Most of the medicines she was taking was actually for side effects of other medicines. The cholesterol medicine she was taking was causing her to itch. The itch medicine she was taking, gave her insomnia. The antidepressant she was taking to help her sleep, caused her to feel dizzy at times. The list went on and on. The cure was literally worse than the original illness. No one had taken the time to tell her that if you just lower your cholesterol everything else will go away. Instead, whenever she complained about an illness, she was just given a new and “better” medicine to take.

As I tried to tell my family about some natural foods that my grandmother should add/remove from her diet, I was met resistance…. “That won’t work, some illnesses you actually NEED medicine for when you get older.” This way of thinking is what inspired me to create Perfect Mind Perfect Body. I want to people to know that there are natural healthy alternatives. And they actually work! And they don’t have negative side effects!

The mission of Perfect Mind Perfect Body is to inspire people all around the world to stop settling for a life dictated by pain and illness and to go out and live their healthiest life. Essential oils are a part of that natural alternative. I use them daily. The White Orchid came about because I needed a way to diffuse these oils, but I could never find one that was elegant enough to put in my living room. While there are many ultrasonic diffusers on the market, I found that it was nearly impossible to find one that was functional AND sophisticated. That’s the great thing about the White Orchid. It actually accentuates the room, without compromising the purpose of diffusing the essential oils.


Lauroly Q- What a hard awakening to discover your grandmother had been lead down the wrong path when it came to her healing.  Sometimes wisdom comes from watching other people struggle,  but your family is lucky to have you as a great model. The bright side is, the lessons learned has motivated you to share wellness wisdom with everyone. I can relate to your mission! Now let’s get to the technical part of White Orchid. What is an ultrasonic diffuser? Please explain for those who are unfamiliar with the term and tell us how it works.


Marcus Rowell: Great Question! There different ways to diffuse essential oils into the air. The most popular either involve heat or cold water. Using heat is not really advised because it can alter the chemistry of the essential oil, which can remove the therapeutic effect of the oil. Not to get too technical, but an ultrasonic diffuser is filled with cold water. A few drops of the essential oil is added to the water. A frequency vibrates through the water into the air. The vibration disperses the oil into the air. The oil is never heated so the oil chemistry is preserved. It may sound complicated, but all you have to do is add water, add a few drops of oil and enjoy.



Lauroly Q- As I shared, I was really impressed with your website which you created as an open forum for health & wellness enthusiasts. One of the most interesting articles was posted by you, entitled ‘6 Essential Oils That Increase Creativity and How to Use Them’. This of course makes me think ‘White Orchid’ could also be the perfect ‘Kris Kringle’ office gift or for anyone working in an office environment. What essential oils increase creativity?

Marcus Rowell: No matter what we do, we all can use some creativity at times. Whether it’s at work, during a hobby or when you are creating something. We all have the ability to be creative, but sometimes the stresses of our life can cloud our mind and make this process difficult. Eucalyptus will help to rejuvenate the mind. If you have the blues, patchouli is really good. If you can settle those racing thoughts in your mind, try cypress. That’s just to name a few. It’s a great gift for the office or home. I diffuse these oils and others everyday.


Lauroly Q- What other things does aromatherapy help with that we may not know? I should note here, what I also like about White Lotus Ultrasonic Diffuser is you can use your own essential oils, which means you be selective about the quality of the oils. May I suggest one of WWB’s essential oil ‘Ideal Finds  ‘Golden Earth’.  Love the line and their focus on wellness, wisdom and harmony!




Marcus Rowell: Haha…How much time do you have? I use essential oils for everything. If you get motion sickness, ginger oil works well to get rid of the queasy feeling. I take with me in the car or on airplanes. When I need to freshen my home, I diffuse Eucalyptus Lemon. Not only will completely neutralize a bad odor, but it will freshen the room as well.

After a long day when I want to relax, I diffuse lavender to destress. I’m normally a light sleeper, so it really helps me get deeper sleep. When I want to set a romantic mood, I diffuse Balsam of Peru essential oil. It has a vanilla like smell with a touch of cinnamon. I could go on and on.


Lauroly Closing: Well if there is anything we are happy to go on about, it is certainly healing aromatherapy! Thank you for visiting World Wise Beauty Marcus. Wishing you great success with your new product. I encourage everyone to visit his website and learn more about the product. What retail outlets can we find ‘White Orchid’? I noticed you were offering a special introductory discount on your website. I would jump on this before it goes to Amazon! Is that just for the month of November? Give us the scoop!

Marcus Rowell: Thank you so much for featuring our new product.  Right now you can find the White Orchid on our website and PerfectMindPerfectBody.com.  You can Preorder and save 35% for the month of November.  In December, we will begin shipping the diffusers, so you will be able to find them other places such as Amazon.  It’s a great gift for the holidays that everyone can use.



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Tied With Love…World Wise Beauty’s Top “Ideal Finds” for Christmas!

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May no gift be too small to give-nor to simple to receive, that is wrapped with thoughtfulness and tied with love…







Season Greetings from World Wise Beauty! 

Don’t sweat your last minute holiday shopping because I have you covered here at World Wise Beauty. Fortunately I have spent the last year talking to founders of FABULOUS companies who make products that will absolutely delight your giftee. From aromatherapy to natural skincare, you are sure to find a beautiful Christmas gift for someone special.

Visit the “Ideal Finds” department all year round to be inspired and thrilled with the best of beauty, health and wellness companies who infuse “ideals and values”  into everything they produce for you.  You can also follow “Ideal Finds” on  www.facebook.com/WorldWiseBeauty

So with no further ado,  here is a review of WWB’s Ideal Finds for 2013, complete with quick links to the websites to get your last minute unique Christmas gift! Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Truly Herself,  Lauroly


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WWB Ideal Find:  Buddha Board

Founder & CEO: Eric Thrall

Authentic Dedication: Buddha Board Inc. is based in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada. Since 2001, the Buddha Board product line has been artfully designed with form, function, and ‘soul’ in mind. Borrowing from the Zen concept of living-in-the-moment, we believe in the importance of doodling, creating, and having fun. Enjoy!


Oct 9, 2013 by 

WWB Ideal Find: Pangea Organics ( Beauty & Personal Care Products)

Founder & CEO: Joshua Onysko

Authentic Dedication: Pangea Organics is dedicated to creating a more, new sustainable future one bottle, jar and bar at a time. “What’s good for you is good for everybody.” Conscious business practice includes everything from fair trade sourcing and organic farming to living wages and the use of renewable, recycled and recyclable resources.


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Inis Energy of the Sea Perfume

WWB Ideal Find: Inis Perfume/Fragrances of Ireland

Inis/Fragrances of Ireland Founder:  David Cox

Authentic Dedication:   To inspire and uplift and make people happy through their senses. To promote an understanding that we are all connected and we should all strive to make a better world.  Since 2001, Inis the Energy of the Sea and Fragrances of Ireland is honored to be a core funder of the Irish Whale & Dophin Group dedicated to the the protection, conservation and better understanding of whales and dolphins in Irish waters and around the world.


Jun 13, 2013 by 


WWB Ideal Find: Golden Earth–Perfumes from Nature

Golden Earth Founder: Elizabeth Golden

Authentic Dedication:  Golden Earth is dedicated to supporting the wellness of the earth and all of her inhabitants and keeping the planet healthy and clean. In addition, Golden Earth is a member of the Green Products Alliance, a supporter of Green America, a member of the Organic Trade Association, a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, as well as, a PETA approved cruelty free and Vegan Company.


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WWB Ideal Find: Innersense  Organic Beauty (haircare)

Authentic Dedication: Ingredient transparency and consumer education. Innersense Organic Beauty is proud to be a Certified Green Company and Compact Signor of both Safe Cosmetics & Truth in Labeling Acts, Member of the Organic Trade Association and CCIC Certified Committed to social and environmental sustainability.

Founders: Greg and Joanne Starkman (Greg present)


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Welcome to “Ideal Finds” at World Wise Beauty where beauty, health & wellness connoisseurs can learn about products and brands that are authentic and true to the ideals they are inspired by.  Sometimes we label people by their professions such as business man/woman, or entrepreneur.  Other broader labels we throw around are words like “capitalist” and “socialist”. We sometimes forget we are human beings first and often driven by ourcultural and social values.  I hope at “Ideal Finds” you discover social values and capitalism can both be celebrated. There are many hard-working entrepreneurs out there infusing social ideals into their business concepts and attempting to make our world a better place.  Perfect introduction to our featured Ideal Find “SpaRitual”.  ~Truly Herself, Lauroly

Ideal Find: SpaRitual

Founder: Shel Pink

Authentic Dedication:  Dedicated to true Spa Tradition and committed to creating eco-friendly products
(nail lacquer, body care, lip gloss) and packaging designed for the enlightened consumer.


Mar 8, 2013 by 

Welcome to “Ideal Finds” at World Wise Beauty. It’s hard to identify authenticity in a world of “image” and “spin”. Authenticity means your actions are consistent with what you believe and what you say. At “Ideal Finds” I  help you get to know companies who are authentic and true to the ideals they are inspired by.  Join me in discovering a a cornucopia of beauty, health & wellness products and experiences but remember to always be your own guru when it comes to selecting.  There is nothing better than being comfortable in your own skin!




Ideal Find: JUARA

Founders: Yoshiko Roth, Metta Murdaya, Jill Sung, Tami Chuang/Metta is here for Q&A

Authentic Dedication:  Juara is inspired by beauty secrets from Bali, combining rituals of Indonesian royalty and modern science. Certified cruelty free by PETA and also safe by safecosmetics.org


Mar 4, 2013 by 


Welcome to the second installment of “Ideal Finds” where you will get to know beauty, health & wellness brands intimately that are authentic and true to the cultural ideals they are inspired by.  Here you will get to know brands that have what I call “the feel good factor”.  You feel good about purchasing them and you feel good using them! Hope you find simpatico with all our “Ideal Finds”.  I know our find this week is a sure way to match up with brands that will speak to your ideal values.  Introducing…

Ideal Find: Yuzen  Sample Box

Founders: Ted Ning and Jen Vaughan/Ted is with us for this Q&A

Authentic Dedication: The Yuzen concept is inspired by traditional Japanese patterns currently used today for intricate handmade Japanese paper. The actual Yuzen sample box is dedicated to presenting high quality natural and organic personal care products, healthy snacks and lifestyle items.


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Erbe Veccia Farmicia in Italy/1600′s

Welcome to the first installment of “Ideal Finds”.  One way to be “comfortable in your own skin” is to align your consuming habits with your inner personal values.  As a conscious lifestyle consumer you want to know whether the brand authentically reflects the values you care about deeply.  It’s hard to identify authenticity in a commercial world of “image” and “spin”.  At “Ideal Finds” I’ll  help you get to know brands intimately who are authentic and true to the cultural ideals they areinspired by.  Hope you find “simpatico” with each of our featured companies but as I always say…follow your own inner GPS and be your own guru.

IDEAL FIND:  Erbe founded in 1988  (photo above Erbe Veccia Farmacia, Italy in the 1600′s)

FOUNDER Carmen Miraglia

AUTHENTIC DEDICATIONItalian Beauty Culture rooted in 16th and 17th century Aroma-Phytotherapy practice.

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WWB Ideal Find: Ain’t Nothing Like the Real thing Baby! Meet “Golden Earth” Perfumes from Nature

Jun 13, 2013 by


WWB Ideal Find: Golden Earth–Perfumes from Nature

Golden Earth Founder: Elizabeth Golden

Authentic Dedication:  Golden Earth is dedicated to supporting the wellness of the earth and all of her inhabitants and keeping the planet healthy and clean. In addition, Golden Earth is a member of the Green Products Alliance, a supporter of Green America, a member of the Organic Trade Association, a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, as well as, a PETA approved cruelty free and Vegan Company.


Welcome to the Ideal Finds department of World Wise Beauty. I am thrilled to present my next Ideal Find because the founder of the company is an aromatherapist, student of ancient healing practices and she also loves our earth.  I just love flowers and aromatherapy! True aromatherapy uses all natural essential oils and I am going to let Elizabeth Golden, founder of Golden Earth give us a crash course on aromatherapy and essential oils. Once you learn more about essential oils you’ll see how fitting her tagline “Perfumes from Nature” is.

Lauroly Q- So happy you could join us Elizabeth. Before we jump into an educational interview I would love to learn more about you. How did you become an aromatherapist? Did you always know this was your passion and vocation?


Elizabeth Golden, Founder of Golden Earth


Elizabeth Golden: Thank you for having me Laura! I didn’t know that I was going to become an aromatherapist but it makes perfect sense! I love plants and flowers and I love my garden. I have been on a spiritual path since I was 20 and I wanted to do something that would help people heal their lives in some way. I kept asking for signs from the universe to guide me toward my true path. One day when I was walking my dogs as I do everyday, a vision came to me of a perfume bottle. It was large and beautiful and I knew that this was a sign for me. On that special day my life changed. I began to explore the possibilities of becoming a perfumer or an aromatherapist. I found a perfume school in Grasse France, so I scheduled a trip to France to check out the school. It was my good fortune that the Dean of the school was there and I was able to have a tour of the school and learn what it takes to become a perfumer. It was a wonderful experience but I knew that my body could not work with synthetic fragrances. I am sensitive to synthetic fragrances and I cannot smell them or wear them. So I returned home to look for an aromatherapy school nearby. I found one within a week of returning and I knew right away that this was my path. Essential oils are so amazing, I love them!


Lauroly Q- Let’s begin our crash course on aromatherapy! Can you help us understand the difference between synthetic fragrances and essential oils, organic vs. non-organic and wild crafted oils? There is so much to learn but we just have a blog to glean a little of your wisdom. We appreciate your best summary!

Elizabeth Golden: Essential oils come from different parts of a plant or tree; this gives pure essential oils beautiful scents and unique vibrations that promote wellness unlike any synthetic replacement. Synthetic fragrances are made in a lab. A true essential oil is always 100% natural and when applied to your body the healing passes on to you Essential oils are derived from live, vital plants and all plants have healing properties. Many parts of a plant can be used to create an essential oil such as the flower, root, fruit, seeds, wood and leaves. Each essential oil is unique in the same way that a wine is unique.  Essential oils are grown in different parts of the world as you can see from the list below and this is just an example, not all essential oils are listed.

The U.S. has not been a producer of essential oils and that is one of the reasons why we are not so educated about essential oils. Our culture has been raised using synthetic fragrances and we think they are real but it’s not true. A true essential oil is created through a distillation process. A good example is Rose essential oil. It takes approximately 60,000 flowers to make 1 ounce of rose essential oil, that’s why it’s so expensive. Organic essential oils much like food have not been sprayed with pesticides so they are clean and it is the same with wild crafted essential oils they are grown in the wild and harvested in the wild. During the harvesting process of a wild plant that will be used for an essential oil, the whole plant is never taken, the plant is honored and part of it is left to continue growing for the following season. Organic and wild crafted oils are the most pure and have not been grown with the use of harmful pesticides.

Lauroly Q: You have exquisitely designed packaging for your oils. The pyramid shaped box is so unique. What inspired the pyramid box?

Elizabeth Golden: I love the ancient symbol of a pyramid, they are very powerful and anything that is inside of a pyramid increases in energy. I wanted to create a box that would take care of the vibration in my essential oils. A pyramid designed box was a wonderful idea because they represented little powerhouses storing a beautiful liquid made from plants.

Lauroly Q:  It is quite amazing how “worldly” essential oils are.  I just have to share a small sample list from your website illustrating examples of organic and wild crafted essential oils and the countries in which they are grown. I encourage everyone to go and visit Golden Earth to learn more and view the full list. How do you capture the purity of these oils in a bottle when they come from such faraway lands? 

India- basil, sandalwood, nutmeg, palmarosa
Madagascar- ravensara, ylang-ylang
France- rosemary, lavender, spearmint, tarragon, thyme, vetiver, clary sage
Brazil- rosewood
Canada- white sage, ginger, spruce
Italy- tangerine, clary sage, mandarin

Elizabeth Golden: All essential oils come from far away lands, the U.S. has not been a producer of essential oils until recently and lavender is the most popular essential oil that is grown in the Unites States. Essential oils are created through a distillation process which is always done the same way. As a trained aromatherapist I have expertise in working with essential oils and the success of my aromatherapy line is dependent on sourcing high quality true-essential oils for my customers.

Lauroly Q-  For those who don’t go for massages regularly or never met with an aromatherapist, can you tell us more about chakra wellness oils?  What are they and how can we use them in our everyday lifestyle? You have developed so many wonderful body care products and now we can experience the benefits of aromatherapy every day in our homes. Where can we find your products off-line?

Elizabeth Golden: The chakra wellness oils were created to help balance the 7 main energy centers on our body. They are made with specific essential oils that resonate with each chakra and infused with crystals in a pyramid box. They are amazing and they smell wonderful! Each chakra oil was designed to fit in your purse or pocket with an easy to use roll-on applicator. Men and women love them! They are also used at some healing spas on the west coast in massage therapy treatments. You can find Golden Earth chakra oils and other products at select Whole Foods, other natural food markets, healing spas and spiritual stores. You can check our website to find a location near you!

Lauroly Q- Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing your expertise, wisdom and love for the earth.  I know there are many who will want to find your beautiful earth friendly products and I encourage them to visit the Golden Earth site for your full line.

I am now going to turn in for the evening and relax with lavender essential oil.  It is a more commonly known flower but it helps me unwind and works like a charm for me.  Nature truly does take care of us and I love Elizabeth’s mission to respect and take care of our earth too! She’s an inspiration and her company Golden Earth is an Ideal find…




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