Celebrating National Nurses Day and the Heart of Wellness Culture

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Happy National Nurses Day! First I want to personally say thank you to all the nurses out there. I value you as a person and I value your profession.

At World Wise Beauty I spend a lot of time exploring wellness culture and specifically in the area of Lifestyle as Medicine. At WWB, we look at prevention, self-care and how to manifest wellness in all aspects of our lives. Often, we don’t think of Nurses and the people working in the healing professions until we get sick. Nursing is a profession truly undervalued and most certainly taken for granted. They are there when you are giving birth, and they are there when a loved one is sick and dying. They will be there for you when you are dying. They are with you in your most vulnerable of moments, whether you are preparing for a colonoscopy or throwing up all over yourself in the middle of a painful biopsy.

All I could think of when cared for by a nurse is “God it must be so challenging to keep cool, take care of medical details in a crisis moment, and provide me comfort as they are doing it”. Yes, I was thinking of them, right in the middle of my own discomfort. I was grateful for them. They are there by your side, focused on the medical state of your body at any given moment, but also the personal comfort of your body and spirit. And they often take care of your family when they’re visiting. This in itself is a feat! Nurses are there to take care of you, a role with duties only your mother and father might have and this is a mighty important role. Maybe I need to spell it out. The vital need that matters to all of us, when all is said and done, is receiving care with compassion. Ultimately this is LOVE. How do we miss this?

Now I wouldn’t be honest, if I didn’t recognize that some nurses ( like some doctors) don’t have a ‘bedside manner’. I personally have been fortunate to have experienced more angels, than individuals who are not meant for nursing.  I also know many healing professions have been compromised by the current medical system we have had in place the last 40 years.  Enduring long shifts and assigned too many patients can rattle the best nurse. This can go for the teaching profession too by the way. I am speaking of a culture, very specifically a profit driven culture that has permeated our healthcare system for far too long. Culture matters, and our nurses are the closest thing you get to angels, considering the pressure they are under and the culture they work in. This doesn’t have to be, if we change how we look at ‘healthcare and wellness’ and RAISE our expectations. Not by demanding more of nurses, but by demanding more of our institutions, organizations and culture.

We are the culture and what we focus on is what we value. If you stop and think about this, you would not conjure a pretty picture of us as a society right now. What is sad is there is so much wellness wisdom around the world, which we can learn from and apply to our own culture. We can’t do this if our only end goal is to make a profit. This is not what healthcare is, and yet it is a ‘market’ that we follow like any other ‘industry’. Pay attention to this language because we are defining what we call health care.

Wellness has to be an individual commitment, but we cannot have true personal wellness without a healthy culture to work and live in. There are many books out there today written by doctors who are now talking about the futility of working in a culture called ‘healthcare’ that’s truly not dedicated to healing patients. I will be talking with one soon in my WWB Q&A section. It’s a subject we must talk about if we are to strive for wellness culture. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t good medical professionals out there. There are many, but they are working in a system designed first for a ‘ profitable business’ and this compromises healing outcomes. Can we do both? I think we can, but we have to start with the ‘values’ at the heart of the health organization. Most importantly the wellness values at the center of our culture and hearts.

Nurses are on the front lines of heathcare and will be there for you. Let’s make their work culture a healthy place for them to work in, so they can take good care of us. It is all interdependent. They are human beings, who also need to be healthy. I myself would feel better knowing my nurse got a good night’s sleep and had a healthy breakfast to start her day. I would hope she took much needed breaks when working double shifts, and she had time to feed her soul when she clocked out of her work day. She is a human being, a very special human being, who deserves to be well too. The next time you see a nurse, think of her day, and let her know how much you appreciate her dedication and vocation. This grateful ‘mindset’ is one of the important pillars of wellness culture, and your nurse is the heart of wellness culture. Let’s live life well…

P.S I invite you to follow WWB for Q&A’s with experts, authors and visionaries dedicated to true wellness culture, and your individual well-being. New website is coming in June, and you will be able to explore ideals for wellness culture and self-care in a newly updated platform designed to help you cultivate your own healthy lifestyle!




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WWB Holiday Ideal Find: The Perfect Thanksgiving Gift for the Hostess and Everyone on Your List!

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           WWB IDEAL FIND: White Orchid Ultrasonic Diffuser



So excited to share my Ideal Find and just in time for the holidays! This special home fragrance diffuser is the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list. It can be used in home or office environment and is a wonderful gift to bring as a gift when visiting friends and family. And if there was ever a rationalization to splurge on yourself  let it be for the sake of wellness!

 WWB IDEAL FIND: White Orchid Ultrasonic Diffuser

 Founder: Marcus Rowell ( partner is wife, currently due to give birth next week!)

 Authentic Dedication: To help people create beautiful and healing spaces in their lives.


Lauroly Q- Welcome Marcus to World Wise Beauty. Let me get this out right away–I am thrilled to introduce your product ‘White Orchid Ultrasonic Diffuser’ as an ‘Ideal Find’ and I believe it is the perfect gift to give for the holidays! I think it’s a great gift to give to the host/hostess of holiday parties and Thanksgiving is next week!  I love aromatherapy and have featured some wonderful companies producing natural essential oils in this very department of World Wise Beauty. Your product is lovely, easy to use and most importantly safe to use. I was also impressed with your digital website ‘Perfect Mind Perfect Body’.  Many products are developing content and communities around their product lines, but your platform is earnest and very well done. Did you always have an interest in natural health and lifestyle? Share with us, what inspired your enlightening business venture?

Marcus Rowell and Wife


Marcus Rowell: Thank you Lauroly for the kind words. I am so happy you like the website and our White Orchid Diffuser. We are really excited about the feedback we’ve had so far. It’s been overwhelming positive. We are honored to be featured among the other amazing products you spotlight in “Ideal Finds.” I’ve always had a passion for natural health, but I would say my passion really intensified throughout the last 5 years.

One particular instance that really fired up my passion involved my elderly grandmother. I remember noticing her taking her daily regimen of medicine. I specifically remember being surprised at how many pills she was taking. There must have been 10 pills. Out of pure curiosity, I asked her what each pill was for. I remember her telling me some were for high cholesterol, diabetes, itching, trouble sleeping, and more. I went home that night and started to explore the side effects of each medication. What I found absolutely shocked me. Most of the medicines she was taking was actually for side effects of other medicines. The cholesterol medicine she was taking was causing her to itch. The itch medicine she was taking, gave her insomnia. The antidepressant she was taking to help her sleep, caused her to feel dizzy at times. The list went on and on. The cure was literally worse than the original illness. No one had taken the time to tell her that if you just lower your cholesterol everything else will go away. Instead, whenever she complained about an illness, she was just given a new and “better” medicine to take.

As I tried to tell my family about some natural foods that my grandmother should add/remove from her diet, I was met resistance…. “That won’t work, some illnesses you actually NEED medicine for when you get older.” This way of thinking is what inspired me to create Perfect Mind Perfect Body. I want to people to know that there are natural healthy alternatives. And they actually work! And they don’t have negative side effects!

The mission of Perfect Mind Perfect Body is to inspire people all around the world to stop settling for a life dictated by pain and illness and to go out and live their healthiest life. Essential oils are a part of that natural alternative. I use them daily. The White Orchid came about because I needed a way to diffuse these oils, but I could never find one that was elegant enough to put in my living room. While there are many ultrasonic diffusers on the market, I found that it was nearly impossible to find one that was functional AND sophisticated. That’s the great thing about the White Orchid. It actually accentuates the room, without compromising the purpose of diffusing the essential oils.


Lauroly Q- What a hard awakening to discover your grandmother had been lead down the wrong path when it came to her healing.  Sometimes wisdom comes from watching other people struggle,  but your family is lucky to have you as a great model. The bright side is, the lessons learned has motivated you to share wellness wisdom with everyone. I can relate to your mission! Now let’s get to the technical part of White Orchid. What is an ultrasonic diffuser? Please explain for those who are unfamiliar with the term and tell us how it works.


Marcus Rowell: Great Question! There different ways to diffuse essential oils into the air. The most popular either involve heat or cold water. Using heat is not really advised because it can alter the chemistry of the essential oil, which can remove the therapeutic effect of the oil. Not to get too technical, but an ultrasonic diffuser is filled with cold water. A few drops of the essential oil is added to the water. A frequency vibrates through the water into the air. The vibration disperses the oil into the air. The oil is never heated so the oil chemistry is preserved. It may sound complicated, but all you have to do is add water, add a few drops of oil and enjoy.



Lauroly Q- As I shared, I was really impressed with your website which you created as an open forum for health & wellness enthusiasts. One of the most interesting articles was posted by you, entitled ‘6 Essential Oils That Increase Creativity and How to Use Them’. This of course makes me think ‘White Orchid’ could also be the perfect ‘Kris Kringle’ office gift or for anyone working in an office environment. What essential oils increase creativity?

Marcus Rowell: No matter what we do, we all can use some creativity at times. Whether it’s at work, during a hobby or when you are creating something. We all have the ability to be creative, but sometimes the stresses of our life can cloud our mind and make this process difficult. Eucalyptus will help to rejuvenate the mind. If you have the blues, patchouli is really good. If you can settle those racing thoughts in your mind, try cypress. That’s just to name a few. It’s a great gift for the office or home. I diffuse these oils and others everyday.


Lauroly Q- What other things does aromatherapy help with that we may not know? I should note here, what I also like about White Lotus Ultrasonic Diffuser is you can use your own essential oils, which means you be selective about the quality of the oils. May I suggest one of WWB’s essential oil ‘Ideal Finds  ‘Golden Earth’.  Love the line and their focus on wellness, wisdom and harmony!




Marcus Rowell: Haha…How much time do you have? I use essential oils for everything. If you get motion sickness, ginger oil works well to get rid of the queasy feeling. I take with me in the car or on airplanes. When I need to freshen my home, I diffuse Eucalyptus Lemon. Not only will completely neutralize a bad odor, but it will freshen the room as well.

After a long day when I want to relax, I diffuse lavender to destress. I’m normally a light sleeper, so it really helps me get deeper sleep. When I want to set a romantic mood, I diffuse Balsam of Peru essential oil. It has a vanilla like smell with a touch of cinnamon. I could go on and on.


Lauroly Closing: Well if there is anything we are happy to go on about, it is certainly healing aromatherapy! Thank you for visiting World Wise Beauty Marcus. Wishing you great success with your new product. I encourage everyone to visit his website and learn more about the product. What retail outlets can we find ‘White Orchid’? I noticed you were offering a special introductory discount on your website. I would jump on this before it goes to Amazon! Is that just for the month of November? Give us the scoop!

Marcus Rowell: Thank you so much for featuring our new product.  Right now you can find the White Orchid on our website and PerfectMindPerfectBody.com.  You can Preorder and save 35% for the month of November.  In December, we will begin shipping the diffusers, so you will be able to find them other places such as Amazon.  It’s a great gift for the holidays that everyone can use.



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WWB’s Weekly Wisdom Wrap: ‘Find Your Spot’ and the Geography of Bliss…

Jun 20, 2015 by


Every Saturday on WWBFacebook I do a “Find Your Spot’ post to hopefully inspire you to do just that. Sometimes I am sharing exotic photos of beautiful islands and palm trees, and other weeks I am sharing a cozy chair in front of a fireplace. The point of the post is to encourage you to ‘find a spot’ where you can relax, breathe and take quiet time for yourself. Sometimes you can find your spot in your mind. I often close my eyes and imagine this slow cruise I took through the Vancouver Islands, passing lush green islands inhabited with sea lions and colorful birds. It was a beautiful sunny 75 degree day, with crystal blue skies and the water was literally gleaming. Total bliss…



What I remember most about that cruise is how my mind just shut down. I did not have a thought on my mind. I just stopped thinking and was completely immersed in the spectacular nature that was all around me. It’s no wonder that I still see the Vancouver Islands like a moving slide-show in my mind. Of course I have many beautiful memories of other trips taken but for some reason that particular Vancouver day comes to my mind. Almost like a meditation, when I picture that day in my mind, I summon up the peaceful endorphins that were flowing through my body that day. I love the Vancouver Islands in British Columbia, and so much, I seriously considered moving there. I have been fortunate to visit many beautiful places in the world, from Paris to the Greek Islands, but it was Vancouver that captured my heart. Do you have a special place that speaks to your heart? I would love to hear about it!

This week’s post is not just about my crush on Vancouver,  it is really all about the ‘Geography of Bliss’. This just happens to be a name of a travel book I want to recommend to you as well. But it’s so much more than a typical travel book. The author is in search of what makes us happy, and seeks answers to the most pressing questions of our time. Such as, what are the essential ingredients for the good life? Why are some places happier than others? How are we shaped by our surroundings? Big questions and it all speaks to the heart of what I’m getting at…


You see, Vancouver represents for me, a ‘sense of place’ that makes me feel alive, connected to the world and ‘at home’. I don’t live there for many reasons, and mostly because of family ties. I did find a place to call home, that does provide a little city and a lot of nature, and most importantly makes me feel the ‘bliss’ I felt in Vancouver. Now, when I go for walks, I can always find my spot to relax, unwind and just be. I never feel like I have to ‘get away’ because of the beautiful ‘bucolic’ surroundings of the area I live in. Before my big-city friends get defensive, let me just say there are absolutely beautiful spots to discover in the midst of big cities. I have shared a few ‘spots’ in previous posts about green spaces and cities.

So maybe your ‘bliss’ is being right in the middle of a thriving busy city surrounded by people. Deciding where to live is a pretty big deal, but in today’s modern ‘mobile society’ we often live in places we never imagined we would live. Think about the immigrants who come from all over the world to live in America. All of them are contributing to the beautiful tapestry of American culture.

There is so much to explore about sense of place, finding your spot and the geography of bliss. So, what if you could actively shop and look for your ideal place to live? For many families, there is very important criteria to consider when deciding on where to live and raising kids. We see ‘Best Places to Live’ on the covers of major magazines all the time and they all use very specific criteria. Most often they emphasize median incomes, quality of schools and safety. But lately you are seeing lists that also include green spaces and parks.

If you are single, you have much more freedom to choose where to live. Yet, when you are single, you often want to be around other single people. Over the last twenty years ‘urban’ cities are where young singles flock to. There are so many choices for them, but there’s always the affordability factor. Seniors equally have their own criteria when deciding on where to retire. For some seniors, it’s a matter of just downsizing, and for others it is finding stimulation, culture, and soothing nature to enjoy the rest of their lives. Some seniors actually choose to move to a city from the suburbs, so they can finally enjoy all the wonderful cultural things big cities have to offer, without the hassle of driving.

Well, I have something for everyone! I stumbled upon a great new digital portal called ‘Livability’.  Livability explores what makes small-to-medium sized cities great places to live. Through proprietary research studies, engaging articles and original photography and video, they examine topics related to community amenities, education, sustainability, transportation, housing and the economy. It’s a very useful site and when you visit their ‘Find A City’ page you can type in any city and learn more about the city’s demographic makeup and economy. I also love the ‘Moving’ section which offers a lot of practical tools, checklists and guides to help you with your move. Of course my favorite page is ‘The Top 10 Healthiest Cities’ which is always of interest to me.

Are you beginning to see why ‘sense of place’ is so important to bliss and happiness? As the author of ‘Geography of Bliss’ gets to, ‘happiness’ is often ‘baked into’ the culture you live in.  After all this talk about sense of place, we also find that ‘culture’ is important and can really effect our state of happiness. In a much wider context, I believe what is really important, is creating wellness culture. In doing so we can create a society that benefits everyone, no matter what our social status or income level is. So what kind of ‘culture’ do you think would make you most happy? To get you thinking about culture and happiness I recommend you join me for WWB’s ‘Book Wise’ Pow-Wow this summer! We are reading ‘Field Guide to Happiness’ which was reviewed most positively by Eric Weiner, the author of ‘Geography of Bliss’!

“Linda Leaming writes with a sweetness and an earned wisdom that goes down as smoothly as a good cup of tea. She is also very funny. If you are alive, or would like to be, read her A Field Guide to Happiness and find joy on every page.” ~Eric Weiner


With all this talk about culture, I want to recommend another portal which is the ‘pioneer’ in portals helping you to decide on where to live. It inspired my ‘Find Your Spot’  posts because it is actually called ‘Find Your Spot’. I used this website many moons ago, and I can tell you it is amazingly detailed, thorough, and ‘spot on’, no pun intended! Do you like a lot of sunny weather? Do you want to live near a college? Do you love the theater? Do you enjoy ethnic restaurants? Do you like spending time at the zoo—as a visitor? lol This website helps you find your ideal hometown by having you take a quick, but comprehensive fun quiz. The quiz is designed to focus on the issues that are really important to you, like climate, culture, crime rates, recreational opportunities, community resources and even the types of geography that you enjoy most. Once you take the quiz, you receive a report about your ideal spot and it covers all the pertinent questions you could have about moving to your ideal spot. Of course the key is answering the questions honestly. It really gets you thinking about what really matters to you and your sense of place.


Your Top Spots


So wherever you roam in life, I hope you always ‘find your spot’. It may be curled up at home on comfy chair reading a good book, or it may be curled up in the arms of the one you love. Just remember, ‘no matter where you go, there you are’ and happiness always starts with YOU deciding to be happy. 😉






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