WWB February IDEAL FINDS Features Inspiration + Wisdom + Tools for Self Care & Living Life Well…

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Happiness truly is the best decision you can ever make, and every cell in your body will thank you for it! February is the month we celebrate love, so this month WWB Ideal Finds is focusing on self-love and self-care. Everyone needs a little TLC, and sometimes we forget to give it to ourselves. Shopping is fun and temporarily feels good, but I hope when you decide to gift yourself, it will be something ideally good for your health, happiness and longevity. Happiness is a ultimately a mindset and different for us all, but everyone knows what personally feels good and doesn’t feel good. WWB’s featured Ideal Find book is sure to provide inspiration + wisdom + tools to get you thinking about what feels good for you. And get this…how pleasure can lengthen your life! A definite WWB Worthwhile read…

As always, I have specific criteria for Ideal Finds, so below are the conscious living values I followed for making this month’ selection for you.¬† Live life well and take good care of yourself. Because no-one can live your life as well as you! ūüėČ







  • Cruelty Free:¬†No animal was harmed or tested on
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly:¬†green, organic and sustainable
  • Beauty, Health & Wellness Without Compromise:¬†Free of harmful chemicals known to harm you
  • Socially Responsible:¬†Fairtrade and Social Mission Retail
  • Committed to Wellness Culture



  • Self Care:¬†Personal care products for calm, relaxation and empowerment
  • Conscious Beauty:¬†Meets one or more of the ‚Äėfeel good‚Äô criteria
  • Healthy Epicurean:¬†Edible treats and food with healthy and organic ingredients
  • Artisan Hand Made:¬†Beautifully Designed, Creatively Crafted, Useful & Enduring
  • Books & Inspirational Gifts:¬†Celebrating Wellness Wisdom, Lifestyle & Culture







WWB Feels Good Check List: Cruelty Free, Beauty, Health & Wellness Without Compromise, Committed to Wellness Culture

Mask ‚Äď 3 ways to supercharge your skin

  • Deep Detoxing Facial-at-Home:¬†Take a dollop of the mask and warm between your fingers. After warming, apply a generous layer on your dry face and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water with gentle movements. It works as a face mask and exfoliating detoxer, leaving skin cleansed, nourished and glowing. We recommend this application for especially rough feeling days.
  • Light Refreshment: Mix a dollop of the mask in your hand with 1-2 drops of water before application and then apply to dry face. Remove the mask with warm water after 10 minutes. This application is ideal for an instant glow and a quick pick me up.
  • Powerhouse Facial: Add a drop of (a pump full of)¬†Essential Radiance Serum¬†to the mask and mix it well before application. Apply to dry face and let it do its magic for 10-15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Add¬†Essential Radiance Serum¬†‚Ästbeauty equivalent of a shot of espresso,- into your mask turn it¬†into a high-performance facial to deliver radiance and smoothness gently to reveal a fresher, more vibrant skin ‚Äď instantly.

See the Illustrated Guide for all these 3 Honeyactive Beauty Mask applications here.

AveSeena Ideal Values:AveSeena products are all allergy tested, Dermatologist approved; PETA and Leaping Bunny certified: cruelty-free;¬†EWG Verified¬†TM¬†¬†for your health and vegetarian.¬†H-free ‚ÄstMade with safer ingredients: Free of any unwanted chemical additives such as endocrine disrupting chemicals (parabens, phthalates) SLS, artificial fragrance and artificial dyes.”



Shibori Chic Comforter Set


WWB Feels Good Check List: Sustainable & Eco-Friendly, Beauty, Health & Wellness Without Compromise, Socially Responsible, Committed to Wellness Culture

FOUND ON AMAZON¬†and other major retail outlets like Macy’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond

Shibori Chic Comforter Set: The ancient art of Japanese hand-dying comes alive in this Shibori Chic collection. A diagonal print across the top of bed is complimented by unique standard shams in saturated indigo blues.The shell is made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and the fill of the comforter is made from recycled polyester certified to the Global Recycling Standard for a truly sustainable sleep experience.

Coordinating euro shams and decorative pillows are available separately. Machine Washable.

Under the Canopy Ideal Values:¬†“We hold ourselves to the highest standards of sustainability. For us, protecting the earth is an obligation, not a business model. That’s why Under the Canopy adheres to six kinds of certifications. Together, those certifications prevent the use of harmful substances, reduce resource and energy waste, and support worker welfare. So you can rest assured knowing that every purchase from us truly makes an impact.”

Books & Inspirational Gifts

Feeling Good is Good For You. Long before there was “The Telomere Effect’ a recent Pulitzer prize winning book there was this thought provoking¬† book. I did a Q&A with the author of the Telomere Effect and you can learn all about the very important research on ‘teleomeres’ and why it matters so much to your health and longevity. My featured Ideal Find today is a book published long before ‘The Telomere Effect’ and focuses specifically on how pleasure can boost your immune system. It offers tips and inspiration for boosting your mood and quality of life. Everything in this book will most certainly lengthen your teleomeres. Longer telomeres equal a healthier and longer life! For all my Healthy Epicurean followers, this book is for you! Eat, play and love and you will be on your way to feeling good. Just remember that Epicurus himself believed everything in moderation was the secret to overall wellness! ūüėČ

WWB FEELS GOOD CHECK LIST: Committed to Wellness Culture. Need I say more?

Amazon Introduction: What excites and inspires you, tickles your funny bone, fills you with awe, or just generally makes you feel good? For health reasons we might never have fathomed, you need to be doing much more of it–each and every day.

For more than 18 years, Dr. Carl Charnetski and Dr. Francis Brennan have been performing extensive studies on the immune system and how factors such as music, sex, laughter, pets, optimism, and pessimism affect it. Their breakthrough research supports the notion that everyday pleasures cause a measurable increase in your body’s ability to fight disease.


Vitamin D Inflammation - Device Mockup - Phone and Box

EverlyWell Modern Lab Testing 

WWB FEELS GOOD CHECK LIST:  Committed to Wellness Culture

WWB SPECIAL NOTE: The future of wellness culture is in personalized medicine and wellness. It’s great to be well informed and empowered to take care of our own health and bio-individuality, but there is one important wise tip I would like to personally share. Any tests that you take independently and not through a traditional lab-test requested by your doctor, should be shared with your doctor. Self empowerment is good, self-diagnosing not so good! Doctors are trained to read lab results and can help you understand the result of a test in context with your complete health profile. I would also suggest always getting a copy of your own lab report at any lab you go to, so you can begin to examine your results and discuss personally with your doctor. Learn more about your own bio-chemistry!

I would research companies like this and make sure they are reputable. As you can see at their site, this lab company has been covered by a number of large media outlets. What I like about this lab company is they clearly state the following. “The tests we offer are not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to substitute for a physician’s consultation. For regulatory reasons, our tests are not available in MD, NJ, NY, and RI.”

EverlyWell Ideal Values:¬†“EverlyWell is placing the lab testing process into your hands. With our convenient at-home sample collection process and your results delivered to you on our secure platform in just days – it has never been easier to take control of your health. Our easy-to-read results visualize exactly what the test results are telling you and how they could be affecting your health. We provide detailed information on all of our markers and links to additional information so you can make the best choices for a healthy life.”

Artisan Hand Made





WWB FEEL GOOD CHECK LIST: Sustainable & Eco-Friendly, Beauty, Health & Wellness Without Compromise, Committed to Wellness Culture

Special Note from Copper H2o:¬†“We are sorry to say that many other sellers falsely claim to sell pure copper water bottles that are actually plain metal bottles plated with copper. The copper plating will start to rub off these bottles after only a few months of use. Many of our customers came to us and bought one of our pure copper water bottles after having a bad experience with one of these sellers. While these sellers are able to offer their bottles for sale at a lower price than our bottles, beware ‚Äď they are not the real thing!”

COPPER H20 Ideal Values: “Drinking water stored in a copper water bottle has amazing health benefits and is widely recommended by health experts. Water stored in a copper vessel (which is known as ‚Äútamra jal‚ÄĚ in Ayurvedic medicine) balances the three doshas in your body (vata, kapha and pitta) by gently infusing the water with the positive health properties of copper. Water stored in a copper vessel will also become¬†natural alkaline water, which helps balance your body‚Äôs pH levels. Accordingly, our bottles are also natural alkaline water bottles. Our water bottles are handcrafted with pride by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. Each of our bottles is shaped from a single sheet of pure copper with no joints or seams, and capped with a beautiful leak-proof cap made of pure copper and a food-safe seal. As a result, our bottles are of exceptional quality. We are proud to say that this may be the last water bottle you own!”

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WWB IDEAL FIND: Introducing ‘SoapBox’, a Good Clean Company Spreading Suds, Hope and Good Will Around the World

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Co-Founder: David Simnick ( present for Q&A)


Authentic Dedication: Empowering our customers with the ability to make the world a better place through everyday quality purchases


Lauroly Opening: Welcome Dave to World Wise Beauty. So happy to have you visit and share your story with us. Your company SoapBox has been selected as an Ideal Find and I must say you are the picture perfect company¬†I envisioned when thinking about brands driven by their social values. From what I understand, you started out as an enterprising college student making and selling soap on the side while attending school. Your brand tag line is Soap=Hope and this is based on the following¬†facts. Millions around the world still lack access to public sanitation facilities, clean water and soap. Many diseases are caused by unhygienic conditions and could be avoided. ¬†So you¬†created this great business model where your company¬†and the consumers¬†who buy your products could provide the necessary resources needed for children around the world to have a chance to live a clean and healthy life. Wow! Now that’s a mission! So with no further delay I will let you¬†tell us about your brand mission and how you practically manifest your values into everything you do with SoapBox.


David Simnick, Co-Founder, SoapBox

David Simnick: SoapBox did come from a college project, but from the very beginning the aid mission was ingrained in what we did. I had worked in the non-profit and government sector and felt that there were other ways to do aid. We wanted to find a way to give back and to build something that was truly meaningful to people involved. I also wanted to find a way to give back that could really make a difference with the issues I was seeing in my work. Now with something as simple as a bar of soap, you’re looking at helping around 22,000 children every day who are dying from preventable diseases under the age of 5. On top of that, you’re looking at so many other hygiene-related things that, if you catch them on the front end with clean water and clean sanitation, there’s so much that you can do.

SoapBox exists to empower customers to change the world through their everyday, quality purchases, and that is our mission behind what we do. We are a young company run by people full of energy and ideas, and we also are full of the results-oriented people who put those ideas into action!



Lauroly Q-¬†Where did you start and how do you select who to help when there are so many global communities that need help? What I have learned is you work with non-profit partners like Vitamin Angels and RainCatcher which is a great way to accelerate your mission. I also should mention that you also give back to shelters and organizations at home too, not just abroad. Give us some examples of how your ‘one for one’ business model works…

David Simnick: Well, originally I went to American University because I thought I wanted to go into government, and I interned at multiple places both in the for profit and non-profit sectors and at USAID while in school. I graduated a year early from American but still had no idea what I wanted to do. Around then I was offered a full-time job with this subcontractor for USAID. However, I turned it down and because I really began to feel like there was a better way to help. I was looking for a job that fully consumed me, and I wanted leadership, service, and challenge. That led me to decide to join the Marine Corp. A week before I basically finalized all my papers, I met up with a friend of mine and he told me, before you ship out you should help out my start-up company. So I arrived there and started helping him out, and realized I loved it. Everything I was looking for in a job and career just clicked and I realized, this is it. I called the recruiting officer and I told him I would come next season because I’d found something I want to explore.

I had a couple odd jobs here and there after that start-up went under, and I was eventually working for another contractor and when it hit me that I want to start my own company. I called up my best friend, a fellow Eagle Scout, and told him we were going to start a soap company. He thought I was kidding the first time I called him, but we did it!

Like I said above, soap can really affect hygiene situations, and we give bar soaps, clean water, and vitamins with our three product lines. We are trying to cover the whole picture of health and, hopefully, make a lasting difference. Our bar soaps give a bar directly, our hand soaps give a months supply of clean water through our aid partner RainCatcher, our body wash give a year’s supply of vitamins through our aid partner VitaminAngels. The bar soaps we give in the US to homeless shelters and food banks through our partner Global Soap Project, and abroad we purchase soap in local communities or work with local non-profits to start a soap-making business.

Lauroly Q-¬†If your story wasn’t wonderful enough I was really excited to learn about¬†the ‘clean’ production of all your products. You make a great effort to be transparent about all the ingredients you use. I was thrilled to hear you are cruelty free, vegan certified, gluten-free, made in America, Palm oil free, paraben free, petrochemical free, phthalate free, sulfate free, and 100% recyclable! Woo-hoo! When I see companies like yours, I have to ask, why can’t all companies go in this direction? ¬†You make hand-soaps, hand wash and body wash and they all smell good and feel good too! Tell us in a nutshell how you are able to produce such a wonderful product line? I ask this because many don’t understand what it takes to produce a quality product at mass levels…


David Simnick: You said it! We’ve found that people have a lower expectation of social mission products because they have been told to believe that paying more for a low quality product is justified through the aid mission. We aren’t about to settle for that, so we have to balance the aid mission with clearly stating our product’s benefits as well. People will buy the first time for the social mission, but to buy again, the user experience has to be excellent! I started making the soap in my college apartment kitchen, but we definitely don’t do that anymore!

Our soaps are scented only with essential oils to be gentle on skin, and are full of coconut oil, olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and are super moisturizing because of it! It does take a lot of work to ensure each bottle and box is to our high standards, but we believe in our product and don’t want people to buy it just for the social mission alone.



Lauroly Q-¬†You know Dave, ¬†SoapBox ¬†really is the ‘epitome’ of an ‘Ideal Find’. Your company is close to ‘angelic’. That must feel mighty good! You launched in 2010 and quickly grew. What are some of the retail outlets we can find you in?

David Simnick: Well, we just got into five new Whole Foods regions and are launching a giving program with each of the regions. Each region’s bar sales are correlated with one large food bank in the area. This hyper-local giving ensures that we don’t forget those in need who are right here in the USA. So far the program includes Northern California, Southern Pacific, Rocky Mountains, Florida, and the Northeast regions of Whole Foods but we hope to expand soon!

In addition to Whole Foods, we are in tons of natural products stores and are just starting to step our toes into big box retailers. Check out our retail locator on our website to see if we are in a chain near you!

Lauroly Closing:¬†Thank you for stopping by Dave. You are an inspiration and make me think about pioneers in social capitalism like Anita Roddick (founder of Body Shop) and Paul Hawken (founder of Smith & Hawken Garden Store). Anita and Paul would be very proud of you! You truly do give us hope! Hope for a better world and better commerce. Keep up the great work and go out there and show other young entrepreneurs how capitalism with a conscience can work! I am sure all my lovely followers will be trying SoapBox products and spreading more¬†HOPE amongst their friends because they are compassionate and wise…


Truly Herself,


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The ‘Passioneers of Beauty’ Believe…Life is Too Short for Business As Usual

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“Life is no brief candle, but a splendid torch” is a quote from George Bernard Shaw and I believe it captures the mind and spirit of many ‘Passioneers” in the beauty, health and wellness community. ¬†Their passion is infectious and larger than life but it’s their ideal values fueling their passion that is so relevant to us personally and culturally. ¬†Tapping into our collective altruism, Passioneers illuminate our interconnectedness to each other and the earth. At ‘Ideal Finds’ I chat with founders of companies in wellness culture who are driven by their ideal values and commit to those values in everything they do in their business. Their key motivation was not to become rich (although they may have) but to share their passion and values with others. When you get to know these Passioneers more intimately you discover just how altruistic they are and how deeply they care about the positive impact their businesses have on the world.


Today I honor two pioneers and ‘Passioneers of Beauty’ who lived to inspire us and improve our world through their educational beauty concepts. ¬†Aveda and The Body Shop are world ‘wise’ brands and have since been bought by behemoth corporations, but not before they changed the culture of beauty with their passionate values and socially conscious business practices. ¬†It is sad these two founders are no longer with us, but their values and philosophy live on in today’s ‘Passioneers of Beauty’ who carry the torch and continue to advance wellness culture with their new socially conscious ventures. My post is dedicated to all the ‘Passioneers of Beauty’ past and present ( see below for new companies to follow) who don’t just ‘beautify’ us, but also attempt to educate and enlighten us, so we can live more safely, collaboratively and harmoniously with each other and the planet. Because life is too short for business as usual…

Truly Herself




On February 15, 2014 Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 72. ¬† Horst was a sustainable beauty industry pioneer and environmental activist but for me in essence he was a true “Passioneer”. His passion was ¬†for ‘plants’ and he credits his mother who was a herbalist for his great interest in the healing power of plants. ¬†This would not be so remarkable if he was a biologist or scientist, ¬†except Horst was a hairdresser. What happens when you have a hairdresser with a passion for plants? You get a shampoo line called ‘Aveda’ ¬†that would revolutionize not only the beauty business but the culture of beauty and many other industries too.


Horst Rechelbacher, a student of nature, became a successful entrepreneur ¬†and signed all his¬†correspondence ‚ÄúYours in service for a green, healthy and non-violent planet‚ÄĚ.¬†Bringing ‘wellness culture’ to the main stream consumer through the experience of natural aromatherapy, he believed his ‘ideal values’ could carry the message of shared purpose and standards. He is one of the three original founders of Business for Social Responsibility, which focused its mission on business and the sustainability of all living species. In 2004, he became a founding member of the Organic Center, a non-profit dedicated to organic education, research and promotion and also received the Rachel Carson Award for a Lifetime Commitment to Environmental Ethics & Integrity. His passion became a beautiful mission we would all benefit from.

Passion for plant-based beauty products paired with his vision for creating safer and healthier products for consumers led him further into a life long search for greater traditional wisdom and plant study, which ¬†spawned another company he created called ‘Intelligent Nutrients’. Constantly growing and evolving he now was¬†focused on certified organic products using food-grade ingredients and plant stem-cell science for his new line. He left his company to his longtime partner Kiran Stordalen and daughter Nicole Thomas. Under their leadership the company will continue to advance his life‚Äôs work and mission. ¬†They now carry the torch and Horst’s ¬†passions, values, and mission live on…



There is no better way to capture the essence of a Passioneer than quoting the founder of The Body Shop¬†“My vision, my hope, is simply this: that many business leaders will come to see a primary role of business as incubators of the human spirit, rather than factories for the production of more material goods and services.” Anita Roddick, founder of ¬†The Body Shop died on September 10, 2007 ¬†of a brain aneurysm¬†but her ‘splendid torch’ lives on with her company and many other beauty companies who followed her lead. ¬†In today’s business world she would cheerfully be called a “disruptor’, but when she introduced The Body Shop to the world back in the early 1990’s her business was “UNusual and she was considered the most outspoken and controversial business woman of her time. ¬†She changed the culture of the beauty business and also brought global Human Rights issues to the world stage. ¬†


Being not only a woman, but a woman with a very big mission she rattled the cages of capitalism and challenged the global business markets to reevaluate their business practices by educating the consumer on the abuses of human rights occurring world-wide in business industry. ¬†In 1976 Anita had nothing more than an enterprising spirit when she opened her first Body Shop store in Brighton, UK , but it was her passion fueled by her values that made her the most successful business woman in the world and ¬†put social capitalism in ‘vogue’ around the world. She was a true World Wise Beauty ‘comfortable in her own skin’ and she passionately put social ethics back into the business culture.

” We need a redefinition of beauty from the beauty business–an endorsement of character and diversity rather than the promotion of a physical ideal. I think it is much more appropriate to take a holistic view, to look at ¬†the whole, body and soul, spirit and character”.¬†Well if she didn’t rattle the cages, who else could! On the back jacket of her book ‘Business As Unusual”, the USA Today newspaper said ‘The Body Shop isn’t just a shop, it’s an arena of education’. This powerful quote gets to the heart of Anita’s mission. Information and education is power and she began to teach consumers how to assess what ingredients were in beauty products, where they came from and how they were produced in the manufacturing process. The beauty consumer would never be the same and there would be many more beauty companies capitalizing on her business concept by claiming ‘natural and exotic ingredients’. ¬†The Body Shop was sold to the beauty giant ¬†L’Oreal because if¬†you can’t beat them –buy them! As it turned out, transparency and social consciousness SELLS and the bottom line is what corporations really care about. Profits with principles was the back bone of Anita’s company but it was her personal passion for education and fair business ethics that drove her business to global success. This ‘Passioneer’ changed the beauty industry and culture forever…



Passioneers are independent spirits who have a highly developed sense of ‘mission’. They of course want to please you but their main goal is often a much larger call to action which transcends both their personal needs and any quarterly revenue report you put in front of them. In spiritual terms they are a ‘vessel’ for the message they are called to share and this is so evident when you meet Joshua Onysko, Founder of Pangea Organics. I chatted with Joshua recently for my Ideal Finds department at World Wise Beauty and asked him “How do you maintain your business virtues as your company continues to grow worldwide”? His response was this “My values were not created by a marketing team, they are in fact actually who I am and what I care about, so that makes it easy. Truth + Love + Transparency”. You can hear the whispers of Anita and Horst in the soul of this young, creative, enterprising and most importantly ‘mission oriented’ Passioneer.¬†

Pangea Organics is dedicated to creating a more, new sustainable future one bottle, jar and bar at a time. ‘What‚Äôs good for you is good for everybody’. ¬†Their conscious business practice includes everything from fair trade sourcing and organic farming to living wages and the use of renewable, recycled and recyclable resources. Watch out Avon and Mary Kay because Joshua is changing his traditional retail business model to¬†a ‘social selling model’ where you can become a ‘Beauty Ecologist’ ¬†for Pangea and have your very own at home business selling Pangea. He launched in April 2013 and already has over 1000 Beauty Ecologists in 48 states and it is the largest division in the Pangea business. Joshua is a living breathing ‘Passioneer of Beauty’ and he proves that we all have the ability to change the world and to create change, we just have to make that choice…



If you loved Aveda when Horst was running his company, you will really love Innersense Organic Beauty. Here¬†is a Passioneer ‘team’ ¬†(Greg and Joanne Starkman) who are following their own innersense of ‘truth & purity’ and strive to be the ‘cleanest’ haircare line out there. For this committed team there is no ‘fudging’ when it comes to reporting their product ingredients to you. ¬†


Greg shared his values in my recent Ideal Finds Q&A “We respect our consumer and know they want clear concise information. We strive to provide that.¬†The words Natural and Organic mean little when toxic or synthetic ingredients are present in products.¬†Numerous companies work hard at hiding or word-smithing their ingredient information to confuse consumers. We tell consumers that they need to be their own advocates”. Passion doesn’t always have to be ‘bold and loud’ but it is an inner burning desire that dictates almost everything you do. For the Starkmans it is all about ‘Beauty Without Compromise’ and their ‘certifications’ keep them in sync with their business ethics and values.¬†

Prizing ingredient transparency and consumer education, Innersense Organic Beauty is proud to be a Certified Green Company and Compact Signor of both Safe Cosmetics & Truth in Labeling Acts, Member of the Organic Trade Association and CCIC Certified Committed to social and environmental sustainability. ¬†A¬†study by the Environmental Working Group¬†shows that women use an average of nine personal care products each day, exposing themselves to 126 unique chemical and potentially dangerous ingredients. And 25% of women use 15 or more products daily! You now can appreciate companies like Innersense Organic Beauty who take product formulation and your well-being very seriously. Most consumers are unaware the cosmetic industry is un-regulated by the FDA or EPA. The organizations noted above hold companies like Innersense accountable and serve as a consumer resource. But the beautiful thing here is our ‘Passioneers of Beauty’, Greg and Joanne Starkman, want to be held accountable. And for this lovely team, being authentic and transparent IS business as usual…

BRAVO to all of the ‘Passioneers of Beauty’! World Wise Beauty is supporting you 100%! I hope all my readers take time to know these companies because I promise you will feel ‘comfortable in your own skin’!



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WWB Ideal Find: Introducing… “INNERSENSE ORGANIC BEAUTY” Safety & Purity, the New Indulgence in Haircare

Apr 1, 2013 by


WWB Ideal Find: Innersense  Organic Beauty (haircare)

Authentic Dedication: Ingredient transparency and consumer education. Innersense Organic Beauty is proud to be a Certified Green Company and Compact Signor of both Safe Cosmetics & Truth in Labeling Acts, Member of the Organic Trade Association and CCIC Certified Committed to social and environmental sustainability.

Founders: Greg and Joanne Starkman (Greg present)

Welcome to the “Ideal Finds” department of World Wise Beauty.¬†¬†One way to be “comfortable in your own skin” is to align your consuming habits with your personal values. ¬†As a conscious lifestyle consumer you want to¬†know¬†whether the brand your buying authentically reflects the values you care about deeply. ¬†At Ideal Finds I’ll ¬†help you get to know brands and their founders more intimately who are authentic and true to the cultural ideals¬†they are¬†inspired by. Hope you share simpatico with any one of my Ideal Finds but always be your own guru and follow your wise inner GPS…

I am excited to introduce“Innersense Organic Beauty” because this is a brand that “walks the talk” and demonstrates what true transparency is when producing and marketing ¬†organic and “natural” products. Tune in my World Wise Beauties and learn why safety and purity matters when purchasing your beauty and personal care products!

Truly Herself

Lauroly Q-¬†Greg, welcome to World Wise Beauty. Well, if there was ever a “model company” dedicated to the principles of organic beauty it is definitely Innersense Organic Beauty. I chose you as an Ideal Find because of your dedication and willingness to be transparent at every level of consumer engagement. I love the section on your website where you answer the question ‚ÄúWhy Organic?‚ÄĚ You share a study by the Environmental Working Group which shows that women use an average of nine personal care products each day, exposing themselves to 126 unique chemical ingredients. And 25% of women use 15 or more products daily! You make all your ingredients very clear on your website and take the time to educate consumers about the importance of organic ingredients. Bravo! Let‚Äôs start with a mini-education of all your certifications mentioned in the introduction. What is a Certified Green company? And tell us more about the Safe Cosmetics and Truth in Labeling Act.

Greg Starkman: It all starts with a deep passion and an unwavering commitment to who we are and who we want to be. When Joanne and I created the vision for Innersense our primary goal was to be authentic, to build community and be transparent in who we are and what we do. Being a Certified Green Company is a part of that vision. Cities across the US, and California in particular have adopted green standards related to how one conducts and operates their business. Every practice and process must meet strict environmental standards. Innersense is audited bi-annually in order to maintain certification. We are proud to be among one of the early adopters to strict EU cosmetic standards, which is the charter of Safe Cosmetics, the Environmental Working Group and Skin Deep. These organizations act as consumer advocates in driving consumer awareness of the unsafe use of toxic ingredients in cosmetic products.

Most consumers are unaware the cosmetic industry is un-regulated by the FDA or EPA. The organizations noted above hold companies accountable and serve as a consumer resource. Truth in Labeling also serves as a consumer advocate similar to Leaping Bunny or PETA. We are currently working to expand our certifications through the NPA and NOP programs coupled with becoming Fair Trade Certified.

Lauroly Q-¬†It is amazing how many harsh chemicals are in most cosmetic, hair and personal hair products. Your clean and easy to read website walks us through all the “offenders” which are absolutely NOT in your products. It‚Äôs refreshing to view all your products individually and learn exactly what ingredients are in each one. Innersense Organic Beauty offers a complete haircare line. What are your best-selling products and where can consumers find them beyond the web? I love the lovely names of your products and I am immediately transported to a wellness retreat when I see them.


Greg & Joanne Starkman

Greg Starkman: We respect our consumer and know they want clear concise information. We strive to provide that. The words Natural and Organic mean little when toxic or synthetic ingredients are present in products. Numerous companies work hard at hiding or word-smithing their ingredient information to confuse consumers. We tell consumers that they need to be their own advocates. Our Hairbaths and Daily Conditioners along with our Sweet Spirit Leave in conditioner are very popular. Our products our sold through Organic Salons and Spa’s, better specialty Natural product stores including Whole Foods.

Lauroly Q- I am going to ask a few tough questions which may be on many people’s minds. I have great confidence you can answer them. If we know how to produce products for women the right and safe way, why don’t all companies get on board? Europe has a standard across the board for their cosmetic and personal care companies. Why don’t we? I will state the obvious, your products are not inexpensive, and I would imagine it takes great care and effort to produce the quality products you do. Are the products you see in a typical health & beauty drugstore so cheap because they throw all these cheap but potentially harmful chemicals into their products? What does the gal on a budget do?

Greg Starkman: Great questions and one that challenges us daily. The answer is multi-faceted and also taboo. One to be Pure and Clean requires an unwavering commitment to the purity of your ingredients and the removal of all synthetic and toxic ingredients. This commitment comes at a high cost. The reason more companies do not get on board is consumers resistant to paying for higher quality products. What consumers fail to understand is that what they are actually buying is products heavy in water content and low in plant-based ingredients. In order for those products to perform they need to thread in synthetics to make them work. As I note there is no oversight or standards in the US. Companies can do what and say they want which creates a great deal of confusion. However consumers and retailers also play a part in the process by supporting the companies that fall short. As a consumer you need to be educated and as the demand for pure clean products grows more companies will respond. Regarding Safe Cosmetic legislation there are two competing bills before congress, one presented through the EWG and Safe Cosmetic.org and the other through the Cosmetic Alliance which represents cosmetic companies. These cosmetic companies are spending millions on lobbing efforts. Needless to say it’s like Big Tobacco and the NRA.


Lauroly Closing- Greg, you are so right,¬†we¬†don’t realize how much power corporations have and this is why ¬†as consumers we need to take an active role in making sure there are regulations and standards protecting us.¬†Thanks so much again for taking the time to educate us on what authentic organic beauty commitment really is. I know you and Joanne are a real team and I wish we had more time to talk about your personal story but I will send our readers to your ABOUT page where they can read about your spiritual journey together. I have an ‚Äúinner sense‚ÄĚ your path ahead will be fruitful and rewarding! Happy Spring to you both…

To find Innersense products feel free to visit Innersense Organic Beauty or click my Amazon Beauty shop on the sidebar directly to your right. As mentioned earlier, you can find Innersense Beauty products in fine salons and spas as well as better natural products retail stores such as Whole Foods.



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