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Ideal Finds

WWB IDEAL FINDS HOLIDAY LIST: Because Who Doesn’t Love a Little Hygge in Their Life?

Here you will find, not just a gift but a World Wise Beauty Ideal Find. Everyone can use a little coziness in their life and why not select a Hygge inspired holiday gift for your friends, family and loved ones…

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Healthy Epicurean, WWB INSIGHT

WWB WATCH: New Year, New Diet? Read this First…The Best 2018 Diets are Ranked and the Top Two May Be the Wisest for All

Its a New Year and many of us are starting a new leaf and a new diet! An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, and Americans spend $33 billion each year on...

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WWB Book Wise Club

World Wise Beauty Presents the Winter 2017 ‘Book Wise’ Pick and it Promises to Keep You Warm From the Inside…Out

  BOOK WISE Winter Pick: The Little Book of Hygge --The Danish Way to Live Well   CATEGORY: Wellness/Non-Fiction   CULTURE SPOTLIGHT: Denmark   AUTHOR: Meik Wiking   OF NOTE: Book was a best-seller in the UK and just released in America in January,     ________________________________________________________________________________________________ It...

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Healthy Epicurean, Wellness Culture, WWB INSIGHT

WWB WATCH: Food As Medicine Rising Worldwide and International Conference ‘Food Values’ in Italy Sets the Stage…

  It is no accident that there are ancient health truths that still apply to modern day lifestyle and culture, because they are supportive of the sound fundamentals of human health and well-being. When you...

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WWB’s Monday Morning Pow-Wow Inspires Self-Enlightenment…

  Good Morning World Wise Beauty! Did you hear the Pope speak the last couple of days? Every Public presentation he made was infused with simple life wisdom. No matter what your religious beliefs are, the compassionate...

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Ideal Finds, Uncategorized

WWB IDEAL FIND: Introducing ‘SoapBox’, a Good Clean Company Spreading Suds, Hope and Good Will Around the World

  WWB IDEAL FIND: SoapBox   Co-Founder: David Simnick ( present for Q&A)   Authentic Dedication: Empowering our customers with the ability to make the world a better place through everyday quality purchases . Lauroly Opening: Welcome Dave to World Wise Beauty. So happy...

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